Ladies, Here's How To Speak The Language Of The Man You Love

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Do you feel like men are from another planet when talking to them? Here's the mistake you're making.

Do you sometimes feel like dating is a game and you don't know the rules? If you knew how to play, you could get what you want, right? But, it feels like men are speaking a different language. Do you want a serious committed relationship? Do you tell men that when you're on a date that you want a family?

When a man hears that, his natural reaction is, "Whoa! We just met." That doesn't mean he's not interested or available for a "serious committed relationship." It just means, "Let's see how much we like each other before we set a wedding date." Does this make sense?

A lot of women are deaf when it comes to men. They're lost when it comes to knowing how to communicate, how to listen to what he's really telling you. Men are not mysterious. I'll say it again—men are not mysterious. We tell you who we are and what we want, and you have to listen with your head, not your heart (easier said than done). If you do, you will be far less confused about understanding us. Men and women speak different languages. John Grey said, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

When you don't understand the way men react, you take it the wrong way. How many times have you been with a man and said something you thought was innocent, but next thing you know communication is awkward? Difficult. It might even spark an argument. Sound familiar?

How many times have you texted a man and told him to remember to bring some stuff home, and he writes back, "I already know that," to which you thought, "Wow, I was just trying to be helpful"?

Men and women are not wired the same. Many women won't accept that men simply communicate differently; they won't even consider it. They're hiding from it like it's the boogie man. That's why so many women get frustrated with dating and relationships. They end up believing they're never going to find the right guy or have love in their life; they start to think there's something wrong with them.

The real problem is they don't know how to communicate love. They communicate what they want, but they're not communicating in the language of love—a man's language of love. It's far easier to understand men when you learn how he communicates. In order to get what you want out of a man, you need to understand his language of love, his "love blueprint."

One more time—men are not mysterious. Next time you communicate with a man, try imagining how he hears what you said—not in a negative way, just his interpretation. Then, watch his reaction. It will help you understand him and start to speak his "love language."

If you can become fluent in his language of love, he will feel a strong attachment to you and the relationship will have a chance to flourish.