This Technique Will Give Your Man The Best Blowjob Of His Life

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how to give a blowjob

After getting over 300 emails this morning (and yes, I did read all of them and I have to say they were all quite entertaining), I got one that I just had to share with you. In fact, one of my friends promised that the second this was posted, he was going to email all the women he knew and show them what they need to do to keep a man happy. 

Without any more suspense, here's what a woman who called herself "The Desperate Housewife" wrote to me:

David, do you realize how many of my girlfriends don't know how to give a proper blowjob? I was talking to a few of my girlfriends and I realized that it's a huge epidemic.

So I want to share my method for giving men the kinds of screaming orgasms that they only see in porn.


Ladies, the first thing that needs to be said here is you must have the right attitude. Your man needs to know you are excited to be able to pleasure him and you're all too eager to get him under your control. You want to turn him on the hottest way possible with a blowjob!

The best way to give a man a blowjob is on your knees, with your man standing. This is one of a million ways to do it, of course, but see how your man feels about this one.

Just for fun, start without the use of your hands. You will incorporate those later on.

Make sure your lips are moist and ready for action. Keep some water or some fizzy club soda handy to keep your mouth moist — the club soda adds pleasure for the man.

Slowly and gently, give the head of his penis little nibbles and licks. If you have to use your hands, rub his inner thighs, lightly rub and squeeze his butt, but stay away from "the boys" for now. (They have to wait for your attention.)

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You can move onto taking the slightest bit of his penis into your mouth in combination with the nibbling and licking. When he is just getting into the zone of feeling the sensation of your mouth, give him a few thrusts, then pull back. He will appreciate this as you proceed.

By now he is watching every "inch" of what you are doing, so look into his eyes and let him know just how much you love being able to have his member in your mouth!

Lick his penis like it is a big ice cream cone, as you stop at the head to give a suck and a lick here and there. You are pleasing and prepping here, ladies. Lubricate his penis for full entrance into your whole mouth.


You can tease him with the nibbles, the licking, the periodic sucking and thrusts until his body language tells you it's time to move on! Look into his eyes and bite your lower lip to show you are just as pleased as he is! 

When he is at the point of wanting to push your head to go deeper, now get those hands involved. Grab his penis in one hand and stroke it as you increase the sucking, and if he likes it sucked hard, suck harder! YOU are in control of how deep you are taking his penis in.

With one hand, go to the very base of the penis and stroke it from bottom to top, stopping to rub your thumb around the head. You can gently go under and suck his testicles one at a time, or both — your choice — as you continue to stroke him, squeezing his penis a little harder and picking up the speed.

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Keep your thumb and your pointer finger in the same position that your mouth and tongue would be as you are stroking him.

You can take both of your hands and wrap them around his penis as you suck a few times so you can feel the enormity of his erection! Keep playing with the tip of the head of his penis with your thumb. He has probably started to ejaculate a little to lubricate it.

Here's a little secret: There is a spot in the scrotum area, between the scrotum and the anus on a man, which if you find it and gently "massage" it, you will heighten sensations of pleasure greatly. You are connecting to the inner base of the shaft of his penis.

You will know when you have found it! Give him that smoldering "I am so hot for you" look (because I guarantee you are).


Continue to engage his testicles, rub his butt, inner thighs, and stomach, while you are sucking harder and going deeper. You're not going to be able to help but be turned on yourself, and as your body gyrates, and your noises will become obvious.

Look him in the eyes periodically so he can see your pleasure in pleasing him. If you feel he is about to orgasm, pull his penis out of your mouth! Give him time to simmer down; then you can start again. You want to build and build so that when you finally do let him release, he will have an explosion, and not just a mediocre orgasm.

He is hot now, so go for the gusto! Start to suck as much of his penis as you can take in. Make sure your mouth is wrapped around your teeth to prevent injuring him.

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Start to move your head to take his penis in and out of your mouth. He will more than likely be assisting you here with his movements due to stimulation. You will alternate the amount you take in, pull out all the way and just lick the head, then go back in.

Always keep him on the edge, not knowing where you are going next.

Your hands are crucial at this point, to be working in rhythm with your mouth as well as still gently tugging back on his testicles. Take one hand and hold the base of his penis so that it is erect and steady and you can pick up the speed. You should be able to feel the penis throbbing now.


It is up to you to tease either tease him for longer, or let this man have that ecstatic climatic moment where he is allowed to really make some noise while he climaxes. Trust us when we say, it will be your name he'll call out!

You have one more decision at the time this moment occurs: do you want to swallow and really turn him on?

Men find this very erotic! This is your decision, ladies. Some women just can't do it and that's perfectly okay — more than okay. This is one of many ways to give a blowjob.

Experiment and ask your man how he likes to receive a blowjob. He may prefer lying down. I like the man standing up and me on my knees. This allows for total freedom of movement for both of you.

Express the importance of your enthusiasm. Giving a blowjob is not some dreaded chore, ladies. It is such a total turn-on! When you know you are pleasing a man to the point of total ecstasy ... I don't know about you, but that makes me hot, and feel like a sexy vixen! That's an unbeatable feeling!

This article was originally published at David Wygant. Reprinted with permission from the author.