7 Tips & Techniques To Give A Man The Best Oral Sex Ever

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Learning how to give a man oral is one of the greatest gifts you can offer him.

Providing oral pleasure during sex is an amazing treat, as you're giving him the opportunity to relax and feel pleasure with no pressure at all by way of reciprocation.

Whether it's to celebrate his birthday, a promotion at work, or just as a random act of spontaneous love, this can be an important way to lavish him in pleasure and let him know you care about his sexual satisfaction.

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Of course, you should probably start by finding out what he wants most when it to comes to receiving oral pleasure. Common wisdom suggests that enthusiasm and confidence go a long way toward making you a master of oral sex, but we wanted to dig deeper.

How to Give a Man Oral Sex

We decided to ask men directly what they enjoy most and how women can make oral sex as pleasurable as possible. Here are the top five tips based on the hundreds of responses we received.

1. Make it fun for the both of you.

About 30 percent of our survey respondents said that receiving oral sex was "extremely important" and was a "deal breaker" for a happy relationship. An additional 36 percent said they were "very important and hard to live without."

To make sure your man is sexually satisfied, learn to love pleasuring him. It is essential that women make this experience something they want to do, and never endure discomfort or pain in the bedroom.

Making it fun for both of you means learning to coordinate handjob techniques with oral stimulation. Most men want more pressure and stimulation than you can deliver just with your mouth, so using your hands in combination with your mouth is the best way to give him all the stimulation he craves.

2. Prolong his pleasure.

Oral pleasure is so incredible that most guys want it to last for as long as possible. It doesn't need to be a marathon, but every once in awhile you should take the opportunity to really slow down and stretch out the experience.

This is when to try the edging technique. Read his arousal signals, and as he gets closer to ejaculation, slow down your stimulation or simply hold still. As soon as he has relaxed a bit, go back to building up his arousal.

Challenge yourself and see how long you can sustain high levels of arousal before taking him over the top. As a couple, work on communication and paying attention to the signs of his arousal so you'll be able to tell how close he is to orgasm.

Bonus: as he learns to prolong his arousal, he'll be able to last longer in bed.

3. Add lubrication.

Sensation feels way better when you make him wet. Try to generate lots of saliva, using your hands to spread it all over the head and shaft. If you need help generating enough moisture, suck on a mint to get your salivary glands going.

If you are not using latex condoms, you can add to the lubrication with almond or coconut oil. Both taste great and can add a lot of slip and slide. If you will be using condoms later, stick with saliva or a water-based lubricant.

One man surveyed reported that his greatest pleasure experience included almond oil and lots of manual stimulation, saying, "I was with a girl who loved giving oral sex. She also knew that she was good at it, so she was very confident. Hottest thing ever!"

4. Make plenty of noise.

Show your enthusiasm by moaning and groaning as you go, letting your noise turn both of you on.

This can be a great way to take a rest as well. Stop what you are doing, look up at him with big wide eyes, and talk to him.

Unless you love talking dirty, just keep things simple. Say things like, "Does this feel good?" or, "You look so hot to me right now," or tease with a question like, "Want more?"

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5. Touch him all over.

Once in while, let your hands wander. Spread out and touch all over his body. Scratch his chest, touch his nipples, and grab his butt with gusto.

Use deep pressure on his perineum to add lots of sensation and, if he is up for it, you can really amp up his arousal by letting your hands wander further back, giving him external or internal anal play. (Be sure to talk to him ahead of time about this. A lot of guys love backdoor play, but some will be freaked out if you surprise him with it.)

As his arousal builds, don't be afraid to touch him aggressively. Scratch your nails down his thighs, give him a playful spank, wrap your arms around his hips, and clutch his body towards you.

6. Choose the proper position.

The key to giving him pleasure — in addition to using lubrication, knowing what he enjoys, and touching his body — is choosing the best positions for giving a man oral. 

A common position involves him laying on the bed relaxed, so he can focus on his pleasure. It gives you the chance the control the speed and technique; however, it doesn't allow for optimal use of your hands.

Another position to try, where you can incorporate your hands, is to have him sit in a chair, with you kneeling in front of him. Not only will he be able to concentrate on the sensations you're creating, but he will feel special that the focus is on him.

If he's tired of sitting, try another oral sex position where he stands up and you kneel in front of him. Kneel on a pillow for comfort, using your hands for added stimulation.

7. Give him a chance to be in control.

While he may truly enjoy the techniques you used, he should still have an opportunity to feel in control. That means switching positions for increased pleasure.

One position involves you laying on the bed, with your neck hanging off. Relax your body while you align your neck and mouth to the proper height. Then, he has the freedom to thrust into your mouth. 

You can use this same thrusting technique while sitting or kneeling as well, letting him control the depth of his thrusts.

Of course, communication and trust are essential for both positions, as is him exercising self-control to ensure your pleasure, too. It's also important to have a hand signal if the penetration is too deep, or you feel uncomfortable.

Giving a man oral sex is one of the best ways to communicate your love and devotion to his pleasure. Take control of the act and make it pleasurable for you, and you'll be able to lavish him with pleasure more often.

Follow these tips from real men, and then talk to him about his own specific requests. As the survey respondents expressed, oral sex isn't just about a fabulous physical experience; it is also an essential way to communicate love and develop emotional intimacy in your relationship.

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