We Asked Men What They Really Think About Women Who Swallow

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Guys love blowjobs, that's not news. However, even when they get that blowjob, there's an issue that divides the great blows from the could-have-been-better ones. And we think you know what that division is.

Does she swallow? A lot of us do, a lot of us don't, and guys want you to know: They care a lot about which side of the team you fall into.

"I appreciate women that are willing to finish what they started and I know it might not be the most pleasant taste. I'll promise to go down on you with no complaints. It's all about making your partner happy," one man shared. We agree!

When we don't swallow, guys start to wonder why that is. Are we just going through the motions but aren't that into it? Do we think there's something dirty or icky about their pleasure? If so, why are we even doing it?

This is a big deal, ladies. So much so that some guys we talked to counted it among their big dealbreakers when it came to sex and sexual incompatibility. That's something to consider next time you are at bat. Especially if this is a guy you are really into.

So, here's how guys really feel about swallowing.

1. There shouldn't be an issue.

"If I'm clean and healthy, I don't see why there should be an issue with this. I get that there sometimes is. I've been surprised because it's the ones I think will swallow who don't." 

2. It's how you finish the job.


"If a girl doesn't swallow we are not going to work out in a relationship. To every girl that swallows, good for you! You make the world a better place. If you're going to make the effort to do a job, make sure to finish the job, completely."

3. I consider them royalty.

"Women who swallow are all too rare and should be treated as the queens they are. Girls willing to swallow the carnivore I am?"

4. It's a huge turn-on.

"Most women think men are disappointed when a woman doesn't swallow ... . Yes, I do really like it when I orgasm in the mouth of a woman and if she swallows, great, but it's not the end all/be all. I actually like it on occasion when she doesn't swallow but keeps it in her mouth and we exchange a passionate semen-filled kiss — I find that's a huge turn-on for her and me. If guys can't taste their own cum they shouldn't expect their partner to. Guys want girls to lick their fingers after they have been inserted into their vagina and taste, so why should it be any different?"

5. Girls who swallow aren't marriage material.

"Girls who swallow are hot and sexy, but not the marriage kind. But they are fun."

6. It's a sign of trust.

"Don’t take it for granted. I think it’s a sign of trust and commitment."

7. It's really intimate.

"Incredibly intimate to finish that way. The act lasts longer instead of having to stop before orgasm."

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8. Nothing is more intense.

"If she's into the act and loves the outcome, then looks in your eyes and swallows, it is quite an intense experience."

9. It tells me that you love how I taste.

"When you swallow, you're telling me that you love my taste and want to take my seed into your body, to consume me. To keep my essence with you, to make it part of you. I think it is very intimate."

10. Eh, it's not my thing.


"I rarely [orgasm] from oral sex. The stimulation seems too gentle, and maybe I have hang-ups about it. Like maybe I've [orgasmed] 2-3 times from this my whole life."

11. It's much cleaner.

"So much better, no need to stop, no need to clean anything else up, and keeps the blowjob process going for full completion."