Celebrity Porn — The Latest Booming Business

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Buyer beware.

Some of the most searched terms on the web these days is any celebrity name with "sex tape" at the end. You have heard of them and probably at some point even watched one.

They have made celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson household names and made millions in revenue for companies that specialize in the niche.

Now that there is a video camera on every phone and every place we go the industry is set to become even bigger.

One of the most famous examples is Kim Kardashian. She has a net worth of over $85 million, most of which was made after the "leak" of her 2007 sex tape with rapper Ray J.

Many feel the "leak" was set up by her Momager Kris Jenner after she saw how financially lucrative a sex tape scandal worked for Kim's friend Paris Hilton. No matter who was behind the tape or how it was leaked, it worked.

The tape what was bigger than anyone could have ever expected. Kim's tape is still the most watched adult video ever made. That's right, out of all the porn out there the Kim Kardashian sex tape has been downloaded more than any other video in history!

After seeing how well it worked career wise for celebrities like Kim and Paris there has been no shortage of celebs trying to repeat the success like Farrah Abraham, Tila Tequila, Mimi Faust, Courtney Stodden, Kendra Wilkinson etc. the list goes on and on with even porn stars trying to label their videos as sex tapes.

But none have even come close to seeing the results that Kim had and in my opinion it is because the "tapes" that have followed have all been semi-professionally filmed and that is not what the public think of when thinking sex tape. Even the Wiki page for sex tapes explains that a celebrity sex tape "is typically an amateur pornographic video" not a video specifically made for a large adult video company.

A bigger problem with the popularity of celebrity sex tapes is that the flood gates open from sites claiming to have tapes or links to the videos of certain celebrities that simply are not real for the benefits of traffic to increase advertising revenue.

As an example if you currently Google "Miley Cyrus sex tape" or "Nicki Minaj sex tape" both of which do not have any real tape currently, you will see popular adult sites like like PornHub and XVideos providing links to what they say are in fact the real videos.

We have even found that mainstream sites are trying to cash in on the terms. Break, for example, has done it for "Amber Rose sex tape" linking in the post to a ClipHunter fake video of an Amber Rose look alike that they have since removed (post before link removed).

Sex Tape has talked directly with John Mueller with the Google web team via video conference about the search engine giant showing fake results that are misleading Google users and was told: "We have stuff in the works, however it is very difficult at best on a mass scale to try and edit the serps based on what is real and what is not, we try to base the results on a sites authority".

It looks like for now, it is buyer beware when you Google your favorite celebrity to see if they have a tape. Before you hand over your credit card to watch one of these videos, do your homework so that you aren't taken for a ride.