5 Ways Intimacy Can Boost Mood, Joy And Life Span

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Learn how inspired intimacy boosts mood, joy, satisfaction, and life span for mature adults 50+!

In today’s frantic media-driven world, mature adults are searching harder than ever to feel satisfied, joyful, thrilled. Explore inspired intimacy to increase your satisfaction quotient and also improve happiness, mood, and life span. While the 50 plus adults group is looking for deeper meaning in life, the media barrages us with images, sounds, and stories about stimulating but meaningless drivel.

The hottest new car, the creamiest lipstick, the best sex tips may excite for a moment but soon leave the mature person yearning for something more. Something deeper. Something that really fulfills from the inside out.

Following the media does lead to a bevy of self-help guides, meds, films, pictures, and sites that promise to thrill ... but what happens when media fails to please?

There comes a time in life when we each must face an inevitable realization:

Humans are social beings who require connection with others to feel complete. Intimacy is a powerful concept that is lost in today's media circus, which is always public and on display. Intimacy is a personal and close up connection with another person. The brain is hardwired to respond to deeper levels of intimacy, triggering many unexpected benefits. As the excitement of media and glamour become old, the true seeker can move in the direction of the primal sensation of inspired intimacy and explore deeper levels of satisfaction and pleasure than ever imaginable. 

When humans create intimate connections, the brain and body respond in amazing ways. Humans are wired with automatic intimacy response systems that can be activated at any age. Benefits of deep intimacy activation can lead to a sense of wellbeing, personal satisfaction, and longer life.

Following are 5 ways that inspired intimacy can improve your sense of satisfaction in life: 

1) Relationships with a committed other tend to promote overall healthier lifestyle

2) Touch can stimulate the immune system

3) Playfulness is one aspect of intimacy that can promote mental health, mood, and overall health

4) Enjoyment of intimacy and sensuality can increase serotonin levels, the brain chemical responsible for a happy mood

5) When intimacy and sex go hand in hand, the benefits include enhanced flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, and a release of happy hormones! 

Science shows that mature adults in committed and loving relationships tend to be happier and healthier. Other research shows that being in a committed relationship may increase life span. So no matter how you cut it, intimacy is in innate human capacity that naturally leads to a better mood and happier life. The mature 50 plus adult is in the unique position of being the best equipped to lead a movement toward inspired intimacy, a brain-based activity that leads to profound satisfaction and longer life!

Read more about Inspired Intimacy or set up an individual session with Darleen Claire, Personal Development Coach with a background in clinical mental health, education, and neurophysiology. Enjoying life as a senior is an important topic to the growing population of 50 plus adults who want to have it all! Explore how your time is now!