What My Schnauzer Taught Me About Deserving Love

What My Schnauzer Taught Me About Deserving Love
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"Our beliefs about ourselves keep us from asking for what we want."

My mini schnauzer named Sedona was my faithful companion for 13 years. She was a stubborn, tenacious, loving dog and she taught me a lot about life and love. The most profound thing she taught me was how to claim my right to have love in my life.

She was well-liked in my circle of friends and even though she would bark incessantly at all who came to visit, people had a soft spot in their hearts for her. Her favorite thing to do with all of the guests of my home was to crawl into their laps, get pets and love and then fall sound asleep and stay their until it was time for the guest to go home.

She had no qualms about going after the love and attention that she wanted. She didn't wait to be invited into someones lap. She knew what she wanted and she just did what she needed to do to get it.

I work with hundreds of women in the F.L.I.R.T. Course for dating and relationship mastery, and often what I see deep down in these women is that they don't feel lovable or worthy or deserving of love and attention. Those limiting beliefs about themselves affect how they behave in their relationships with men. 

They are often waiting to be approved of by their partner in order to feel worthy. They are waiting for a man to show them love and affection. They are waiting to be shown by someone else that they do really deserve love, and even when people do show them love they question whether or not it is genuine.

Many, many years ago before I shifted my own negative beliefs about myself and love, I too was one of these women. I was afraid to ask for what I wanted in relationships. I didn't feel good enough and was always trying to mold myself into what I thought someone else wanted me to be just so I could maybe get a crumb of affection from them.

These were dark times for me. Watching my dog, unabashedly assume that people would pet her and love her was an eye opener for me so long ago. At that time I couldn't even imagine having that much confidence or self-assuredness. Luckily for me I was introduced to the powerful techniques of Neuro Belief re-patterning.

In a very short time my deep negative beliefs about myself that stemmed from childhood started to shift. And when those beliefs started to shift, everything started to shift. I began picking men that were actually available and very affectionate instead of the unavailable, non-committed types.

I became more free and happy in my relationships. I was more comfortable asking for things from my partner. And the most powerful thing was I knew at my core that I was lovable and worthy and didn't need anyone else to prove that to me.

Because this was such a life-changing event for me, I now have the pleasure of helping all the women in my courses and in one on one sessions, change those deep and painful beliefs that they have that are blocking them from having healthy, happy love in their lives.

It is such a joy to see them blossom and become so self-assured, confident and assume their worthiness, just like little Sedona. My wish for all women is to know that they are inherently amazing! And go out and create fierce and deep love for themselves. What you believe is what you get.

If you are finding yourself not getting the experiences in love that you really want. Ask yourself: "What might I have to believe about myself, in order to not be having the love that I want?"

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