Looking For Love? Manifest It With This Super Moon Ritual!


Are you tired of meeting the wrong men when dating? Does an old breakup hold you back?

Don't you love the night sky? Stars, planets and galaxies sparkle back at us from a gazillion miles away. Speaking of which, if it feels like love is gazillion miles away too, here's a little soul mate magic for you.

For hundreds of years people have used the moon to to create planting and releasing rituals, seedtime and harvest, both in the real world and the world of ideas and emotions. Tonight, the moon will be unusually close to the earth—that is what makes it a Super Moon. So how do you take advantage of this lunar event?

Try This Love Manifesting Ritual

  1. Be sure to get out and see it for yourself. When the moon first rises tonight it will appear bigger, so don't miss it. It is a wonder and makes you realize how big the world/universe is and keep your issues in perspective.
  2. Write a list of the habits, beliefs or patterns that are holding you back. How do you tell? Think of the things that have been making you want to pinch someone's head off lately. WHO is bugging you? Why?
  3. Write a list of what it takes to be your perfect soul mate. There is a chance that this is the most powerful step of all. Be ready to release what you THINK you want.
  4. Write a letter affirming that Divine or Universal Order is now in charge of the path of all good coming into your life.  Here is an example:

I call in Universal/Divine Order and allow greater intelligence to wrap itself around my love life and future partner. I know that person has been born and is walking around the planet right now. I allow Divine/Universal Wisdom and Timing to orchestrate our meeting and I trust I will be guided to him/her.

  1. Take all of these lists and the affirmation letter and shred, burn or bury them under the light of that Super Moon. As you allow the papers to be consumed, place your hand on your heart and breathe as if your heart was breathing. Allow peace to wash over you.

I know you have been waiting for a long time and my heart goes out to you. Make this Super Moon a time that you address what is holding you back. If any part of this ceremony is hard for you, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Catherine Behan is a Dating, Sex and Intimacy Coach practicing in San Diego, CA. For a free 20 minute chat to talk about manifesting your Last First Date, click here.