3 Valentines Day Lessons My Kids Taught Me

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Surprisingly, children understand love better than their parents.

As a mom with a 20-year career in matchmaking, I expected to teach my kids some life lessons. Instead, it's my children who constantly teach me about life and love by showing me the following characteristics:

1. Humility and acceptance. I have a 14-year-old daughter who by all rights is absolutely stunning. She is constantly admired by friends and she recieves compliments about her looks everywhere we go. Surprisingly, my daughter has never boasted about her looks or has ever used her beauty to her advantage. She remains humble and simply thanks people for their comments. She tells me that "looks" aren't important when it comes to love. She hasn't chosen her friends based on looks and she's the first to defend someone who is being picked on over what other kids would view as a physical defect.

As an adult working in the dating industry, I witness people who use looks to their advantage daily. There are men and women who wilfully manipulate others to get what they want based on their physical attributes. I'm fortunate my daughter won't be one of them.

2. Resilience and forgiveness. I went through a very difficult divorce that lasted over a period of two years. At the time, my kids were young. I traveled for work and I was the primary bread-winner. I felt guilty for breaking up the marriage, and I really believed I was not a good mother. My children had a lot of questions about our breakup and seemed confused/

For a year, I barked orders, trying to keep my composure while re-establishing my life. Following my separation, I did what many people do; I became a workaholic. I was a single mom and all of a sudden, it was sink or swim. Needless to say, it was a very challenging time for our family. Despite those difficult times and a few of bad choices, one or both of my children would say to me, "It's okay, mommy. We love you." Keep reading ...

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