2013 Top 25 Dating Resolutions

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If finding someone special is on your priority list; here's a recommended list of dating resolutions

The beginning of a New Year is always a great time to reflect on your past, and try to learn something from your personal failures and successes. If you haven't already started your list of dating resolutions for 2013; it's not too late. Here are a some suggestions to help you with your dating resolutions. Having said that, you should start by resolving to follow through with your list throughout the whole year to really see positive results!

1. Be Someone You Would Date: This is a perfect time to look in the mirror. That mirror also looks at your “inside and out.” If you wouldn’t want to date yourself, then step one is becoming someone you would.
2. Look Forward, Not Backwards: Easier said than done, but the amount of time you spend crying, worrying, thinking and speaking about your PAST, is precious time you could be focused on your PRESENT and your FUTURE.
3.Say Yes to Someone You Would Say NO to: As a matchmaking expert, I’ve seen thousands of happily married couples, who initially REFUSED to meet the match we recommended, assuming they would NOT like the person. Sometimes the “blind date” paired by someone who really knows you and the other person can be a perfect match.
4. Open up Your Dating Criteria: If the person you THINK you’re looking for sounds like superman or superwoman and you have a low probability of meeting this 'Perfect person", you may want to open up your criteria.  Expand your criteria to create MORE opportunities for yourself. After all, practise makes perfect.
5. Get an Updated Professional Photo: Pretty self-explanatory. If your current photo looks nothing like you- it’s time for a change.
6. Try Different Online Dating Sites: The measure of your online dating success should not be based on ONE dating site. Try a few different ones to see if there are others that can give you different or better results.
7. Get In Physical Shape: When you feel good, you exude more confidence. Getting in better shape not only makes you more attractive, you will see many mental & physical benefits as well.
8. Improve Your Hectic Lifestyle: Take the time to SLOW DOWN when necessary and don’t load your plate with things you can’t complete. Appearing stressed is never an attractive quality.
9. Make A List of Your Ideal Person: Everyone has to have goals, so dating should not be different. WRITE IT DOWN.

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