What's The Best Holiday Movie For Cuddling?

holiday movies for couples
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Yes, holiday movies can be corny, but they only come once a year. Cuddle up to these seven.

You've brought some corn for popping, and the lights are turned way down low. The question becomes: what do we watch? Here's a list of seven movies for the holiday season (in no particular order) that both of you will enjoy, plus a rating of 1-5 indicating the cuddle-factor of each film. OK, we know it sounds corny, but isn't that half the fun of holiday flicks? Romantic Movie Myths

1. Home Alone
Yes, you've seen the aftershave scene more times than you can count by now, but it's still funny, right? Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister never ceases to amaze and amuse with his creative genius. The mix of juvenile pranks and good-prevails holiday lessons never gets old in this sweet slapstick comedy.

Cuddle-factor: 1. Home Alone's more conducive to snickers than snuggling.

2. Reindeer Games
How outdated is the stereotype that women don't like action flicks? The plot twists will have you both surging with Yuletide-themed adrenaline. This film is all explosions, shoot-outs and Ben Affleck. If action's not your thing (and staring at Ben for two hours isn't enough of an incentive), consider this: watch this with him and he'll owe you one later.

Cuddle-factor: 3. The aforementioned adrenaline and make-you-jump action are best enjoyed while holding hands, so long as you're cool with sweaty palms.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both the cartoon and the live-action movie) 
With either film version, you just can't go wrong.
Join in when Whoville sings its Christmas song!
They may be for kids, but adults love them, too,
For the laughter and warmth that they're sure to bring you.
Watch both of them now that it's holiday time,
And soon you and your man will be speaking in rhyme.

Cuddle-factor: 4. As your heart grows three sizes, you'll start to get a nice, snuggly feeling. Enjoy the music, the ensuing warm fuzzies and cuddle up. C'mon, it's just once a year.