10 Celeb Girl Crushes That Guys Don't Get

Sarah Jessica Parker

Men may not understand why, but these are the women that women love.

Some celebs (ok, all of them) have sex appeal. There's the obvious kind of sexy (think: Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones), and then there's a more subtle style. The women on this list  posses a prowess that seems to only be detectable by other women. Are you tuned in? I've Got A (Girl) Crush On You

1) Sarah Jessica Parker
There's something about SJP that women absolutely love. It could be her gutsy choices in outfits (we swear, everything this woman wears turns into the next big "It" fashion item), or it could be her "I'm-just-a-regular-person" charm, but whatever it is, we're diggin' it.

2) Gabourey Sidibe
It may be a bit of an understatement to say that our girl Gabourey doesn't fit the typical Hollywood mold, but perhaps that's why we adore her. She has the courage to stand out and the confidence to be proud of her uniqueness. She's a strong, upbeat woman that has our attention. If Howard Stern doesn't get it, that's his problem. 6 Female Hollywood Heavyweights We Love

3) Meryl Streep
Here's a quick lesson in attraction: talent = sexy. Ms. Streep has more talent than we would know what to do with. She's also smart and kind, if we're judging by her public reputation. That's a combination that's guaranteed to up the ante in sex appeal.

4) Helena Bonham Carter
Mrs. Tim Burton has made a name for herself in her own right as Marla Singer in Fight Club and as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies, even though she's never had any formal acting training. She's naturally skilled, and she's also naturally sexy. We love that she's a woman who can exude attractiveness without trying too hard. She's understated, and unfortunately, under the radar of many men. We hope they wise up soon.

5) Debra Messing
We love her hair and her humor. We love her poise. We fell hard and fast for Grace Adler long before Harry Connick Jr. ever did. 10 Hottest Flat-Chested Celebs

6) Jennifer Aniston
Jen is someone that we want to be friends with. Sure, she's got a killer body and a fantastic smile, but we also find her relatable, which is a rarity among Hollywood's A-list. She's a sweet and down-to-earth woman that we admire immensely. For the life of us, we can't figure out why anyone who had her love would ever want someone else.

7) Keira Knightley
Even with shorter hair and without the curves, Keira is all woman. She can be edgy and she can be sweet, and we love her either way. If Orlando Bloom and Matthew Macfadyen have surrendered to her charms, what are the other men holding out for?

8) Maggie Gyllenhaal
Admittedly, this CelebLove blogger might be a bit partial to this choice since she hopes to be able to call Maggie a sister-in-law one day, but future familial relationship aside, Maggie is super-sexy. Physically, she's stunning. Her eyes are stellar and anyone who's seen Secretary knows that her body is in great shape. Beyond her looks, though, she's intelligent and sure of herself without being arrogant.  Really, what is there NOT to love about her? What Astrology Reveals About Celebrity Sex Lives

9) Julia Roberts
She's the all-American, girl-next-door type. We just wish she lived in our neighborhood.

10) Uma Thurman
Uma is a woman that stands head-and-shoulders above some other starlets, in beauty as well as in stature. She owns her height and plays it up to her advantage. She is an inspiration to women to turn what might be termed odd into something that's gorgeous. Not only that, but you have to love a woman that can hold her own in the testosterone-driven world of Quentin Tarantino.