4 Reasons Hilarious Is The New Hot

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4 Reasons Hilarious is the New Hot

Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

I was watching Sophie Scott’s TED talk about laughter. It’s fantastic for two reasons: first, because she’s a neuroscientist and explains the benefits of laughter and all about why laughter does what it does, but she also hits on why laughter is so contagious. 

Though we know laughter is the best medicine, can it really benefit our relationships? Turns out, yes. Hilarious is the new hot.

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Ms. Scott says that you’re 33 times more likely to laugh if you’re with someone else. This is because laughter is a very key part of social interactions — even more so with people we know well.

We all know it. Laughter increases happiness and intimacy. When we share a giggle, our endorphins get a boost. And when that happens within our intimate relationships, we get an overall sense of well-being and connection to our partner.

And I know you’re looking for a guy that makes YOU laugh, but the thing is, sometimes you need to take responsibility for injecting humor into your dating and relationships. You can’t just sit back and wait for that guy who’s smart, sexy, and hilarious.

Take the reigns and get funny, girls! Because from first dates to long-term relationships, there are plenty of benefits of laughter and having a shared sense of humor.

1. Incorporating play and humor into our daily interactions builds stronger connections and lasting bonds.

In new relationships, humor helps attract the right person (remember to NOT go after the guy whose jokes make you roll your eyes). It’s also a great tool to help with those awkward get-to-know you conversations.

In established relationships, it builds connection. Tough times are part of life and love. But when you and your partner share a healthy sense of humor, the joy outshines the heavy and adds vitality and resilience.

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2. Humor helps resolve conflict.

Simply put, laughing together creates a positive bond and restores a sense of connection. And when the going gets tough, finding something to laugh at creates the levity that can be just the ticket to inspire creative problem solving and take hardships in stride.

3. Laughing together can lift your relationship woes.

Inside jokes between you and your partner can take away that stale feeling. Kind of like a secret language, it’s so nice when a shared look, gesture, or joke can give you that quick jolt of intimacy. So release your inner goof and give your partner and yourself a giggle.

It doesn't have to be solid comedy gold. Don’t sit back and wait for him to make you laugh.

4. Laughter opens our hearts.

A good laugh shared with someone you love (kids, girlfriends, lovers) is just the opening to encourage compassion, courage, and trust in those relationships. When we laugh together our hearts open — we are more vulnerable, more approachable, and it’s difficult to be in conflict when you can relate to your partner intimately.

Not sure where to start? Be spontaneous. Be less defensive. It’s safe to start with self-deprecating humor. If you’re not a regular joke cracker, start by poking fun at yourself.

We all love people who don’t take themselves too seriously. We all love people who are willing to be vulnerable; it’s attractive and you’re showing your humanity. You don’t have to be perfect all the time, and that’s especially true in dating.

Laugh at yourself for being nervous. Laugh at yourself for being tongue-tied. Tap into your playful side and incorporate that into your relationships. Because hilarious will make you hot.

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