7 Things A Good Guy Will Never Do To A Woman He Loves

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7 Things A Good Guy Will Never Do To A Woman He Loves
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Is your guy a keeper?

In my relationship history, I've been in two types of long-term relationships — one where I was an extension of my partner and one where I am now an equal with my partner. 

I don't feel unfortunate to know what it was like to feel very alone for decades in a relationship. It allowed me to realize my value and know I deserved more.

My decision was a very good one that led me to be partners in every way with a good guy. 

Both relationships taught me a lot, especially what a good guy would never do to the woman he loves. Here's what I've learned on how to know if he loves you:

1. He will never say the woman he loves caused him to have an affair.

If the relationship fails, he will admit to his part in its failure. If he has an affair, he will never blame his actions on her. A good guy will admit to his mistakes.

Although never easy, it's more upstanding for him and easier for her to forgive if he admits to his mistake. Never admitting he did anything wrong while continuing his affair as if it had only just begun is beneath him. 

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2. He will never call her names or belittle her.

A good guy does not feel the need to berate or belittle the woman he loves. He will leave the relationship before it gets to that point. He will never treat the woman he loves like a second-class citizen.

His intention is for his woman to walk beside him as his equal.

3. He will never put her second.

She's his everything, his number one go-to person. What's important to her is important to him. He see's the two of them as a team and he does not have an issue letting other's know this. His self-confidence outweighs opinions.

Putting other family members and friends first, playing video games, going to work out with female "friends" instead of her, or coming home three hours late from work with lame excuses is not his thing. He wants to be there for all her ups and downs and he wants the woman he loves to be there for his.

Sharing his life with her is a priority of his. He wants nothing more than to spend his time with the woman he loves.

4. He will never embarrass or intentionally hurt the woman he loves.

He will never leave her alone at a party or bar so he can be his friends wing-man. Yes, this happened to me! Never was I so embarrassed or hurt.

A good guy will never embarrass or intentionally hurt the woman he loves. On the contrary, he would do anything but. Public humiliation of her for his satisfaction is not something a good guy takes pleasure in.

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5. He will never talk bad about the woman he loves behind her back.

If your man is telling people you're lazy, you don't cook or clean, and he has to do it all, there are hidden motives behind his defamation. 

A good guy will never talk about the woman he loves in a derogatory way. In fact, when he talks about her to his friends and family he mentions her attributes, how she makes him happy, and how he is proud to be by her side. Putting her down in public or private never crosses his mind. 

6. He will never hide the truth from her.

No matter the circumstance, he's upfront and honest. Drama and game playing are not his thing. He respects her enough to let her know when something is bothering him.

He will not tell her when he's going to surprise her with an engagement ring or a surprise birthday party. Those are happy occasions a good guy will put much thought and effort into. 

7. He will never shut you out of his life.

A good guy will be your best friend as well as your lover. He will genuinely go out of his way to make you feel safe and loved. At no time does he want to see you upset or sad. He wants to share his life with you, he opens his heart to you. 

A good guy will never make the woman he loves feel anything but happiness when she is with him. When there are bleak moments, he won't walk away. He will stay and talk with you.

If you have a good guy in your life your relationship will thrive because he will communicate with you and meet you half way.

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