Afraid He'll Find Out Your Not All That And A Bag Of Chips?

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Do you worry about him finding out you're not who he "thinks" you are?   Are you wasting energy trying to present what you think he wants?  I hate to break the news to you but it's not him that doesn't think you're's you!  What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?  I look fat, I hate my hair, I'm not pretty enough, I've got wrinkles, my nose is too big?  Listen to yourself sometime.   Do you ever hear the voice in your head saying..."If he REALLY knew me....would he still care?" Stop it!  Change your internal conversation.  Give yourself permission to be yourself and see where the chips fall.

Dating and relationships come with a lot of pressure.  We can get preoccupied with thinking we need to be what he wants.  How do we really know what they want?  They don't even know what they want!  And you won't know if he wants you if you don't let yourself be you.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself!  Quit looking around at other women.  You don't want him doing you shouldn't either!  There is absolutely no one else like you in this world so nobody can compare to you!  He wouldn't be with you if he wasn't attracted to you.

2. Talk to yourself like your best friend.  Who's the nasty girl you're hanging out with undermining your confidence?  Do your friends tell you you're not attractive enough, smart enough, interesting enough, sexy enough?  No.  What do they tell you? You're great, you're fun, you're beautiful and amazing!  Would you hang out with someone that puts you down? No!  Then stop hanging out with that voice inside that makes you question yourself.  Tell the internal mean girl to pound sound and take a hike when she shows up.  The more she hears it, the less she'll hang around.

3. Stay present when your together.   Become aware of internal conversations when you're together.  Notice if you are worrying about what he's thinking.  Then switch your focus to your conversation with him.  Allow yourself to be spontaneous and natural.  Don't worry about what you're saying or doing, just let it flow.  

4. Take the focus off what he wants.   What do you want?  That's what will make you happy. If you try to mold yourself to what he wants...he's really not with YOU.  Wouldn't suck to have to keep that image up for 40 years of marriage?  

5.  Make a list of why you make a great partner.  Focus on the amazing you and what you offer a relationship.   Make a list.  Don't hold back.  Open up your heart and love yourself for who you are.  Look at the list often.  Those adjectives like, compassionate, cute, funny, warm, kind, intelligent will seep into your subconscious and start to emanate from your eyes and soul.  

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Stop playing head games with yourself!  Insecurity comes from repeated internal dialogue rooted in your subconscious.  If you are ready to break those patterns and program yourself with confidence and self-assurance click here to find out how.  Live life from a solid inner foundation.   You'll feel happier, more fulfilled and all your relationships will become deeper and more meaningful.