A Date Idea She Will Remember For Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Ideas: Valentines Gifts For Her

Men, are you looking for a unique date idea that will open her in more ways than one?

I am Antoinette, Dating Expert for Men. I share the female perspective. I want to share with you some important details for you, so that this Valentine's Day is romantic, enjoyable, and memorable.

The restaurants are going to be packed! How is this going to be romantic when there will be 200 others with you on the same night doing the same thing? If you do something different, she will remember this for a long time.

Create a sensual night to remember. Women are naturally more in tune to the senses. Why not get the senses involved with smelling, tasting, seeing, touching, and hearing? Whether you have been dating a woman for the last couple of months or want to add spice to your current relationship, here are some important tips. Remember, not many people are sharing with you the female perspective. Shh! Can you keep a secret?  

1. Women love a man with a plan.  Leave her a handwritten note with a time, date, and place to meet. Don't forget to leave a rose with the invitation! This will start the excitement for her.

Time frame: 7-10 days ahead.

2. Set the ambiance. Buy flowers. Light the candles. Open up bottle of wine to aerate. Cut up exotic or sensual fruits like mangoes or strawberries. Create a music playlist with fun music first to keep things light. As the night progresses, have the music reflect romance and connection.

Time frame: 1 hours before the special night.

3. Make her feel comfortable. Invite her in. Let her know that you have been waiting for her. Ask her what she wants to drink. 

4. Build connectionWhile she is drinking wine, ask her how her day was. Listen to her. Pay attention. Women need and crave connection more than you realize. If you gain her trust, then she will start to relax. Let her know that you have no expectations of tonight than to connect and be with her.

5. Sense of touch. Touch her hair softly while she’s sharing her thoughts and stories. Softly run your hands down her skin. Rub her hands by giving her a mini hand massage. This will also release tension in her body and build connection. Don't have an agenda. Just allow her to feel your masculine presence. The more she is able to relax, the more she will be open. 

6. Sense of smell. Let her know that you two are going to be feeding each other. Ask her to close her eyes. Have her smell the fruit. Smelling the fruit will open up her olfactory senses to a warm and sensual feeling in her body.

7. Sense of taste. After she smells the fruit, slightly touch the fruit to her lips. Tell her to keep her mouth closed. This will allow the her mouth to be enticed with a sweet and soft touch. Take it slowly and smoothly. Do this for a minute. Then, say open. Allow the fruit to penetrate her mouth.  Last, when ready, softly introduce the fruit into her mouth. Have her taste slowly. 

8. Sense of hearing. When she is tasting the fruit, she will now be relaxed. Whisper in her ears that you care about her, that she is special.  Women love hearing how important they are from their man because of their need to connect. 

9. Sense of sight. Ask her to open up her eyes. Look into her eyes deeply. If things feel right, then lean in for a soft and sensual kiss.

10. Take her hand. Hold her, lift her up, and ask her for a dance. Continue the banter of connection, closeness, and letting go of expectation.  She will want you even more.

Men, you can use these steps if you really want to build a connection and trust with a drama-free woman, then she will open up to you in more ways than one (hint, hint)!

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I can't wait to support you in finding your dream woman!

With love,


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