5 Big Mistakes When Dating a Modern Woman

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Yes, these are 5 big turns off when courting a modern woman. Listen up!

You meet this radiant, confident and modern woman.  You notice her at Whole Foods or at business networking event, and you are captivated by her magnetic and positive energy.  You look at her and smile.  Because of her friendly demeanor, you walk up to her and start a conversation.  You notice how easy it is to talk to her.  You leave feeling happy and excited.

When you do call her and ask her out on a date, she says, "Yes, I would be happy to go on a date with you this Saturday."  

Finding a high quality woman and keeping her is an art!  You definitely DO NOT want to make these 5 BIG MISTAKES when dating and courting a modern woman.​


  • Try to win her love by being flashy and showy.  A modern woman can make her own money.   You can't buy her love by being flashy and showy.  She does enjoys receiving gifts from a man, but that does not buy her love.  She wants something deeper than what money can buy.
  • Don't come on too strong.  Perhaps you have chemistry with her.  You may even decide in your head that she is one you would like to be with long term.  If you start pressuring about being sexual or in a relationship too fast, this can push her away.  Don't rush the dating process.  See dating as an exciting adventure.  
  • Be on your cell phone the entire date.  Being present with a modern woman is a big turn on.  Being present with a woman leads to connection, something that a modern woman truly craves in a man.  When you are on the cell phone texting or connecting to FB all day doesn't make her feel special or connected to you.
  • Try to rush into lovemaking.  The modern woman does not sleep around.  She treats her body like a piece of art.  Don't rush into sleeping with her.  Enjoy the adventure of getting to know all of her, not just seeing her as a piece of meat.  This quality will make you stand out from other men.
  • Complain about your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.  A modern woman knows how to learn from past experiences to allow room for the new.  This means she doesn't complain about her exhusband or exboyfriend because she knows that he came into her life for a reason.  Learn from her example and let go of the past to make, forgive and let go. 

Making sure that you captivate a quality woman's attention in the beginning will help you STAND OUT from other men, so she chooses you. 

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Much love,
Antoinette Cabral
Dating & Intimacy Expert for Successful Men

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