4 Ways To Sabotage Your Relationships As A Career-Oriented Person


Following your passion for success is great, but at what cost to your relationships?

As a relationship specialist and couple's therapist, I frequently work with entrepreneurs and business owners in my practice. Over the years, I've recognized common ways they sabotage their relationships without even knowing it. Business owners and entrepreneurs have the great ability to persevere and persist, but this can wreak havoc at home.

Do these hidden saboteurs apply to you?:

1. They don't give up

Although a fantastic and absolutely necessary quality for a business owner, in relationships it can be the undoing. When it comes to arguments and conflict, there is a time where we need to give up and stop arguing the point so that we can better hear our mate. Tenacity and perseverance are great, but so is slowing down and hearing where your other half is coming from.

2. They hold tightly to their logical perspective

In business, logic is usually king; but, in relationships we have to find a balance between our logical mind and our emotional mind. Business owners have sufficient experience working from their logical mind and it's been well rewarded in their entrepreneurial successes. Unfortunately, in therapy I see these same couples struggling to emotionally connect to their partner. Emotion and vulnerability have become foreign places to reside, yet it's crucial to the success of our intimate relationships.

3. They carry the same high expectations at home as they do at work

We all know that work and relationships take hard work and that we shouldn't lower our expectations to accept mediocre success, but success doesn't mean perfection. Entrepreneurial couples are used to setting really high expectations and this has aided in creating their success. Often, I see these same couples bring those same high expectations home and they begin to look more like unrealistic demands of perfection from their mate, rather than collaborative goal setting towards achieving success as a couple.

4. They take a while to ask for help

Being a self-motivated and driven individual paves roads of success for business owners, but in relationships we often need to slow down to ask for directions. I often see really successful entrepreneurial couples putting off asking for help to get their relationship back on track until well after it has derailed. If these same successful business owners had only applied the brakes earlier and reached out for help, the damage to the relationship would less severe. Truly a fascinating phenomenon that the very qualities that drive us towards success in business are also the ones that can make our relationship fail.

If you are a successful entrepreneur or business owner, how do you identify with these hidden relationship saboteurs? How can you slow down, evaluate and determine how to apply your goal-oriented and no nonsense attitude to create wild success at home, just as you have done professionally?