5 Steps For Ultimate Self-Pleasure That's WAY Better Than A Man

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solo sex

If you are like me — single and sexually hungry — it is a risk to be risque out in the dating world. 

The men I meet have issues, as do I, and every guy I have met so far wants different things than I do when it comes to relationships.

Enter solo sex — a real life saver.

I am newly divorced. I am not in a hurry to be a newlywed and even the thought of being in a committed relationship of any kind turns me cold. But I want to date and I want to have sex... safely.

It is just that I don't want to have sex with any of the men I am dating.

I am finding chemistry is very rare. I am meeting men who are smitten with me but, alas, I feel nothing in return. That is why I started reaching out to the internet for sex play. Masturbation is, after all, the safest sex of all. No disease. No heartbreak. No pressure to perform. No judgment.

If you are currently with a man who doesn't share your sexual appetite, being an expert at solo sex can be a real life saver. Do you still care for him? If so, taking care of yourself sexually will feed the hunger for great sex and keep you married.

Let's face it: You take care of yourself in every other way. No one helps you eat, use the restroom or sleep. You do it on your own. An orgasm is just one other natural body function. But what if there was a way to soothe that sexual hunger for yourself?

You have way more control over your arousal than you may know. With some tips, props, and techniques, you will be surprised and delighted to turn yourself on and get off all by yourself in the safety and comfort of your own room.

If you become skilled at flipping the inner ON button, you may reach master status and be able to orgasm with no outer stimulation at all. This level of orgasming takes practice but luckily, the practice is fun.

Here are 5 solo sex tricks to turn yourself on while you're masturbating.

1. Touch your skin all over.

Your skin may be the hungriest of all your sexual organs. Having a partner stroke you all over, not just your lady bits and breasts, is deeply erotic. In solo sex, you have access to your skin and you have two capable hands. Once you add your own mind and imagination to the mix, your skin can get the touching it needs.

Next time you smooth body lotion on your arms and legs, try closing your eyes and picking a fantasy partner to join you. The idea is to imagine someone you have a crush on. As you stroke your body, imagine that your hands are his hands.

If your mind mocks you for this or you have doubt, don't worry about it. Remember, each of these tricks will bear fruit with practice.

2. Run your fingers very lightly along the seam of your jeans against your inner thigh.

Once again, imagine it is a lover who wants to please you. The reality is that it doesn't matter whose finger it is. Your thigh is hungry to be touched, felt and fondled.

Experiment a little with speed and pressure. Notice what it feels like to start turning on. Is your breath speeding up? Is there a shiver?

Discovering your personal map to being fully aroused is a key to not only sizzling solo sex but to your lucky man's next romp with you.

3. Use a feather.

You can buy a nice ostrich feather at your corner pet store. Feathers are another cliche of pleasure; however, some women have never used a feather on themselves, only on their lovers.

When you focus on solo sex and you begin to arouse yourself, you are in what I call the "O-Zone." Waves come and go throughout, but the deeply pleasurable state of arousal is intoxicating. Orgasms are great, don't get me wrong; it is just that the O-Zone lasts a much longer time.

4. Read erotica.

Reading exquisitely written erotica is an old but never old-fashioned way of getting turned on. Especially today when the internet makes it super easy to write, publish and enjoy erotica online. Whether you are into the darker side like 50 Shades of Grey or the lighter side, there is a website out there with you in mind.

Reading sexy words is the fast track to arousal. Listening to erotic stories also gets the juices flowing. Great orgasms happen in the mind and the body. Your experience with arousal and erotica is exactly that: yours.

5. Make use of a vibrator or sex toy.

When you are first starting out on your personal erotic journey, vibrators are great tools. When you pick a vibrator to try, remember that your body enjoys touch from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Experiment with your vibrator and stroke your body with varying pressure.

Once you realize how much pleasure you can experience on your own, you will solve two problems.

If you are single, you no longer have to wait to find a guy to have great sex and when you do find your next partner, you will be a much more engaged lover. Knowing how to turn yourself on will help you get wet and ready for your man.