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Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner



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Single women have the right to a safe and fabulous sex life.


About Angel Snow

Nacho Mama's Sex Education (Well, it's not.)

Imagine learning real sex and pleasure ideas while you are enjoying some steamy yet vanilla erotica. I love to write barely naughty tales that are designed to educate and titillate at the same time.

That is what The Turn On Club is all about, learning to tease and tempt women.

Now I am tingling with excitement to announce that Angel’s Darker Side is making a little ripple. I am bringing my sweet vanilla self to the dark side and so far, the response has been overwhelming in my little kingdom, I mean Queendom, of course. *Smile

Turns out I turn on at the idea of playing Switch…that is taking turns being dominant with my pleasure partners. Who knew? Not only that, this naughty little piece about a particularly talented pedicurist definitely hit a nerve: http://angelsaysyes.com/blog/2018/09/01/the-time-angel-peeked-into-the-dark-side/

What about you? Do you think you would like to play switch? there is a special link just for you at the end of this post....be sure to follow directions!

OK…now on to the Turn On Club:

I can help you get more sex.

I enjoy inspiring men who really get into pleasuring women.  I know it is an awful job but someone has to do it. LOL

That is why I developed the Turn On Club.

I am here to answer all your questions and to chat with you in real time about how to turn on an older woman.

While I do have Masters Level Members and train them personally, not everyone is interested in that kind of contact. For many, simply belonging to my Private Chat Community is all they desire. There really is something for everyone in the Turn On Club.

The Turn On Club is designed to give curious men and women access to me in a group format.

I host a private chat for my members where I hang out from a distance teaching how to turn on women through my private chat community.

The Turn On Club is where my advanced members mix with the newbies who are waiting to advance to the next level.

As a member in good standing in Angel’s Turn On Club, here is what you can expect:

  • Live Chat With Angel – While I only get textually intimate with my personal partners and elite clients, I do text and share openly about my experiences as a Cougar and answer all questions candidly in my chat room. As long as you behave, you can chat with me whenever I am there.
  • Angel’s Audio Stories – Members receive audios of me reading my stories. (The recordings of me whispering the stories are very popular.)
  • Angel’s Private Services – Personal mentoring for dating, mating or relating at reduced rates for Turn On Club private members.

For Turn On Club Membership Information, CLICK ON THESE WORDS.  


PS. What are you waiting for?

PPSS. You can follow up with all of my latest stories on Literotica.Com

PPPSSS. When you leave comments, likes or favorite any post on Literotica or here on Your Tango it is a turn on for me. I melt when someone touches my work like that. It is as arousing as a slow hand making its way up my calf...very slowly, very teasingly. Yes, it feels that good.

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