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Sexy DIY: The 3 Best Masturbation Techniques To Get Yourself OFF

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Masturbating should always be a fun and pleasurable experience, ending in a body-shaking, quivering goodness. That's why I want to give you these four incredible techniques on how to masturbate to bring yourself to orgasm.

Some of these techniques may be a bit on the wild side for you, but I really hope you will at least try them once. But before you try these masturbation techniques, you'll want to set the mood for sensuality by stimulating your senses.

First, you need to choose a nice scent for your room, from perfumes to deodorants or incense. The choice is ultimately up to you. You then need to set up the lighting in the room. You may prefer it to be very dark or you may like having the lights only slightly dimmed to be best.

Next, eat or drink an aphrodisiac. Nibble on dark chocolate, sip on champagne or bite into a few juicy strawberries — anything that entices your tastebuds. Turn up the music to add to the experience, whether it's jazzy tunes or a quiet instrumental soundtrack. Whatever you choose needs to relax you.

Lastly — and most importantly — you need to think about touch and what you feels good on your skin, besides your own hands. (Think: a silky smooth nightie). The final thing you need to do is think about what positions are going to work best for masturbating. Lying on your back is the obvious choice, but there are hundreds of others.

Here are three techniques to make masturbation the best thing ever.

1. The "Barely There" Technique

This is by far the simplest technique, and it's all in the flick of a finger. To get set up, you need to lie down on your back and get comfortable. You're going masturbate using only one finger. Rather than just touching and rubbing yourself, make only the slightest amount of contact with your genitals. It should be a feather-like touch, moving your finger from side to side or up and down.

The interesting thing about this technique is that it's incredibly similar to teasing yourself. You're definitely getting pleasure from it, but you'll notice that you never give yourself enough pleasure to push you over the edge. So in many ways, you should consider this masturbation technique as something similar to one person foreplay. 

You can also incorporate this when you're giving your man a blow job, too. Just use a tiny amount of pressure to prolong it and make it extra satisfying.

2. The "Round and Around" Technique

The round and around technique is great for arousing yourself and ultimately making your orgasm more powerful when you eventually peak. This is sort of like foreplay for masturbation — teasing and turning yourself on.

As you can probably guess from the name, you're going to be focusing on your more sensitive areas. These are places like your breasts and inner thighs. However, because everyone's body is different, you may find that the small of your neck or the inside of your elbows are particularly sensitive to touch.

After 20 minutes of this, it's time to move your hands to your more erogenous areas. Still teasing, toughen the touch to caress your nipples and breasts. Tantalize yourself for what's about to happen next.

3. The "Put on a Show" Technique

This last masturbation technique is one for your partner's pleasure as well as your own. You probably already know that guys are primarily turned on by visual cues, so why not use this fact to your advantage and put on a show for your man?

The easiest way to do this is during foreplay. Ask him if he would like a demonstration of what you enjoy the most. He's very unlikely to say no. Now, just because you're putting on a show doesn't necessarily mean you have to be dramatic. Don't feel like you have to talk dirty or even moan and groan while masturbating in front of him.

Just focus on enjoying yourself. Trust us when we say it will be enough to drive him crazy, and it will teach him exactly what you enjoy.


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