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7 Reasons Every Healthy Woman Should Masturbate

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why every woman should masturbate

We all know that masturbation feels good, but it's about so much more than pleasure. Saving some time for self-love can make sex with our partner better by teaching us more about our body and our pleasure zones.

While we usually only talk about men masturbating, we're going to focus on women masturbating. There are plenty of reasons why every woman should masturbate, and here are some amazing benefits:

1. You get to learn about yourself.

One of the major of benefits of masturbation, besides pleasure, of course, is that women learn about their bodies and what pleases them, and are then able to share that with a partner during sexual encounters. The more you know about your own body and pleasure, the more you can share with your significant other and the better connected you'll be to your emotional well-being.

"Once a woman knows her body she can take control of her own satisfaction and pleasure. Many women believe that 'some day my prince will come, and so will I,'" says Dr. Emily Morse. Rarely does that fairy tale end well without women doing the work on their own.

2. You have the chance to add some well-needed variety.

This also ensures a more pleasurable, complete sex life.

"Try out new toys, different techniques, and be open if you want to add some excitement to your masturbation routine," says Morse.

3. You can take some time to really relax.

Masturbation can also combat stress and mild depression, and even make for a better night's sleep.

4. You easily and painlessly alleviate menstrual cramps.

In addition to its mentally soothing benefits, for women masturbating during their period, they can help ease menstrual cramps.

5. You flush out all the nasty stuff from your vagina.

Masturbating can help flush out bad bacteria in the vaginal area.

Morse says, "During arousal, you secrete a vaginal mucus that helps to circulate all the fluid down there, in turn pushing out all the bad bacteria in the fluid and keeping both you and your vagina clean and happy."

6. It's good for your body.

For real. Masturbation is a healthy activity for women to engage in that can lead to the release of natural endorphins and all the pleasurable effects that brings, according to Dr. Jenny Jaque, OB/GYN.

7. It alleviates urinary tract infections.

Besides drinking cranberry juice, masturbation helps flush out old bacteria from the cervix, giving UTI sufferers some relief.

So, if you haven't already figured out why every woman should masturbate, it's not only good for you but is incredibly fun.