Get (More Than!) A Date For New Years: 5 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate

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Just in time!

This may seem like a ridiculous question but there is a method to my madness:

How badly do you want to find that person who gets you and makes you feel loved and accepted?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is "At this point, I don’t really care" and 10 is "Hell to the triple yes", how much do you want to manifest a soulmate for yourself?

If you want to know how to get a date for New Year’s Eve, hold the Universe’s feet to the fire and jump into this experiment.

If there is a date out there looking for you, let’s get you more magnetic so they can find you!

Even if you are still raw from a recent breakup and being single is actually the very best thing for you, the holidays can be a real endurance contest. When you are heartbroken it can be a dangerous time. Some people prey on breakup victims, pulling them in actually using their emotional pain as a lure: "Here baby, let me help you feel better."

Did you ever wonder why a rebound or hookup seems like such a great cure for the breakup blues?

Did you also notice how the breakup from that delicious crush hurts even worse than your original breakup? Do you wonder how in the world you will ever find your soulmate when your self-esteem is dragging on the floor?

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Is there a way out of this breakup maze? ("Is true love really out there for me?" I hear you ask.) Yes, thank goodness!

Use this every time you feel unloved, uncared for, and unattractive.

Materials needed: Note-taking material, candle, a glass of water, and a mirror.

Are you ready to meet your soulmate? Here's your 5-step Soulmate Attraction Experiment 

1. Create your lineup.

How many significant breakups have you had? Write the initials of each person whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you. Notice which of them feel uncomfortable to remember.

Don’t skip any, even if your first crush was in the 2nd grade.

2. Use the Soulmate Energy Audit.

This is the key step for rebuilding your natural magnetism, your natural core charisma. If you are single and not happy about it, you need to be an Energy Detective and find your missing magnetism.

Be brutally honest with yourself and rate your reaction when you think about your exes. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is neutral and 10 is tight as a drum, how does each former partner impact you right now?

3. Run your numbers.

Add up the total emotional residue from your past partners. Your Soulmate Attraction Power, your core charisma is always strongest when the total is under 10.

Look at your numbers and take three deep breaths. When you have a strong aversion to your past partners, you are invisible, impossible for your ideal match to perceive. The lower your number, the more desirable you are. Only you can lower your reaction number so your natural charisma can be felt by your new Love and draw them to you.

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4. Make a decision. 

Following the Law of Attraction seems logical when looking for love. Heck, maybe you have been reading soulmate attraction books for a long time. Maybe you have more than enough LOA knowing to write your own book. But you can’t argue with the numbers.

What if you make a decision to change your numbers? What if you choose to do what it takes to manifest neutral energy when you think about your exes?

5. Take action.

You are the only one who can remedy your hurt feelings energy. You have moved on in your environment. You have moved on in your mind (as best you can). Now you can feel for sure that you have not yet moved on in your inner reactions.

Your inner reactions are your sure fire sign that your Soulmate Energy is trapped. Your reactions cannot be faked. If you think of an ex and cringe, that can be changed. Take action on your own behalf and detach yourself from these dead energy channels.

You can detach yourself once and for always from any persons in your past who disappointed you, cheated on you, or left you

Now that you know what is going on, you can take action. What did your reactions tell you? Did a part of you say, "I don’t want to think about this. I don’t like doing this"?

Excellent. That is the thinking that you want to capture and change.

Now that you know your reactions and how much "hurt feeling" energy you still feel about one or more of your exes, how badly do you want to eliminate that old worn out energy? On a scale of 1 to 10?

I’m glad!! I can promise you that when you follow through with that decision and detach yourself from that past story, floods of energy return to you. It is exhausting to be in a permanent state of cringe because of the crimes of past yo-yos.

Ready to learn how to detach? Here is a do it yourself tool that you can use immediately. It is called The Soulmate Generator and all the instructions are provided for you. Use the Generator for each ex on your list. If it was a chaotic breakup or divorce, you may need to use it more than once for the same breakup.

Let the dust settle for a couple of days and then go back and do the 5 step process again. You can actually measure your results. This is science, baby!

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Catherine Behan is a Master Law of Attraction and Success Coach living in San Diego, California. Catherine runs a social media community where she runs experiments and teaches the chronically misunderstood how to connect with people for fun and profit. If you feel continually misunderstood you definitely need a little Dating CPR