Woman Asks If She's 'Insecure' For Asking Her Sister To Stop Walking Around Naked In Front Of Her Boyfriend

Family is close, but is this too close?

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Can you imagine someone prancing around naked in the same room as your partner?

Even worse, can you imagine that person being your sister?

One Reddit user took to the "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) subreddit to share the story about how that nightmare turned into her reality.

The AITA thread on Reddit is a forum for users to share a story and get feedback from readers on whether or not they’re the a-–hole in their predicament.


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Even as a guest in their house, her sister repeatedly walks naked around her sister’s boyfriend.

This 21-year-old user said she graciously let her 18-year-old sister stay at her and her boyfriend’s place while hers was being renovated.


Being that it was only going to be for a few days, or at least it was supposed to be, she was sure it wouldn’t be a terrible inconvenience.

“She doesn’t want to go to our parent’s home,” she admits about her sister’s plea, “as she can’t stand any more interventions from our father.”

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Despite calling her a 'bad influence,' her boyfriend says that he adores her sister. 

Her 22-year-old boyfriend seemed just fine with her sister barging in on their space — he’s always been friendly with her and enjoys her company.


Her sister’s shower habits seemed to be the last thing on her mind, though, when she invited her into her home — assuming she’d be respectful.

“My sister, for the majority of her life,” she said, “would always walk out of the shower naked and wouldn’t care about who would see her.”

Clearly, she still didn’t care, because instead of using the guest bathroom in her room at their house, she chose to use the couple’s bath.

"One of our bathrooms that she conveniently uses is our bedroom one, where you have to go into our room and walk past it to go into the bathroom."

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Her boyfriend, who is typically home early from work, was laying on their bed when her sister walked into their bathroom — naked.

“According to my boyfriend, she went straight into our shower as soon as she came home,” she relays, “whilst he was lying down on our bed.”

While in their bedroom bath, her sister proceeded to sob uncontrollably loud in the shower.

When she finally turned off the shower, still crying, she left the towel in the bathroom and walked right by her sister’s boyfriend naked.

As if he wasn’t shocked enough, she proceeded to walk back into the bathroom with no clothes on three times — claiming to have “forgotten something.”


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After finding out about her naked 'stunt,' she immediately kicked her sister out of their house.

"She called me unreasonable and 'an insecure freak.' My parents put me at fault for making her 'break down.'"

Feeling like she clearly was doing the right thing, despite her sister's and parents' backlash, she was met with her boyfriend, who was also angry.

"My boyfriend informed me that I 'overreacted' and he just wanted me to tell her to stop doing that, as it was bizarre."

"Bizarre" seems like an understatement — especially considering the couple was serious enough to be living together.


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Comments unanimously agreed that she is not the a--hole.

Everyone was equally weirded out by how the sister crossed the line — several times.

“Maybe I’m paranoid,” one user admits, “but all that really seems like she was trying to get your boyfriend to comfort her while she was naked — 3 times.” 


“She definitely either into the boyfriend or she hates her sister,” another agrees, “I’d have kicked her out, too.”

The boyfriend is in the wrong for getting upset with her as well, but at least she'll feel better knowing she no longer has to deal with her sister being there.

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