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Man Argues With Friend After Asking Him To Hide His Wedding Photo Because It Made His Wife 'Uncomfortable'

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Couple putting wedding photo on wall

In a world with so many conflicting opinions, getting along with one another can be challenging but adopting a "live and let live" attitude can be a good place to start.

At least that's what Reddit users seemed to tell one man who took to the platform's “Am I the A–Hole?” subreddit.

The 32-year-old man shared his frustration in a post on the forum — which serves as a place for people to ask for opinions about the conflicts in their lives. 

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His conservative wife wanted a photo of his friends kissing removed.

The post began with the man describing his wife, Dahlia, and their housing situation. They had lost their apartment a few months ago, then moved in with his mother.

He had to ask his friend Anthony if they could move into his home with his wife because “issues began to arise between Dahlia and mom.”



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His friend Anthony agreed to let them stay until he could save enough money to cover rent, but issues started to come up at this place as well.

He prefaced the story with details about his wife’s upbringing, that she is “very shy”, and that she grew up in a “conservative home.”

"For example, she freaked out when she [accidentally] drank from his glass, she also once made a fuss when he passed by the guest room when she was lying down and the door was open," he explains.

"Thankfully, Anthony was super understanding and we were able to talk some of these issues out."

Dahlia's sensitivities were getting in the way of his relationship with Anthony.

There was one day when Dahlia was in the hall and noticed a framed picture of Anthony and his wife kissing hanging on the wall.

Dahlia told him that it made her uncomfortable and asked him if he would speak to Anthony about it, but Anthony “didn’t take it well.”

“He gave me a look when I spoke to him and said this was 'bonkers' because first of all, his wife put it there,” he wrote.

“And second of all, the picture holds sentimental meaning to him and his wife and argued that it wasn't some 'explicit' picture of them, just a normal wedding kiss.”

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Anthony and Dahlia's boyfriend began arguing over the photo — the man writing the Reddit post argued that Anthony ought to be "considerate."

"I asked him to remove it completely, just move it elsewhere that Dahlia won't reach or keep it off the wall til we leave,” he wrote.

“He said he was sorry but still refused.”

Anthony repeatedly refused and argued out that it was his home — a fair point. Dahlia, however, also refused to budge.

“This morning, Dahlia refused to even come out of the room until the picture is moved,” the man writes in his Reddit post.

“Now I feel like I'm getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yes, she might just be overreacting but I feel like this isn't such a big ask for Anthony to decline and turn down. If it were me, I'd go the extra mile to make sure my guests are comfortable.”

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Their relationship is falling apart.

“Anthony has been a friend of mine for 10 years. I wouldn't have asked to move in with him if I didn't have such [a] strong bond with him,”

When it was time for Reddit users to give their ratings they weren't so sympathetic to the man or to Dahlia.

On the "AITA" subreddit users typically choose between various ratings — "YTA" (You're The A—hole), "NTA" (Not The A—hole), "ESH" (Everyone Sucks Here) or "NAH" (Not A—holes Here.)

For this post, however, YTA won by a landslide.

One user commented, “This has to be fiction. Nobody can be this dumb and come in here asking for a ruling”.

“YTA, and your wife seems to be systematically driving wedges between you and important people in your life. Maybe that’s worth examining. If Dahlia has issues with everyone in her sphere, I promise she’s the issue,” said another. 

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