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Man Takes His Girlfriend's Dog To See Her Terminally-Ill Ex-Boyfriend After She Refused To Grant His Dying Wish

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Sometimes it feels impossible to talk to other people about the problems in your life. It takes being vulnerable, which is not an easy feat.

Many people turn to the internet for listening ear instead, when they have no one around them to go to.

This is what happened when one man decided to turn to Reddit forum “True Off My Chest”, with a secret that he kept hidden from his girlfriend. 

“True Off My Chest” is a forum where online users can go to vent about frustrations they are experiencing in their lives. 

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He thought that his girlfriend was "cruel" for not letting her ex see the dog.

He revealed that his ex-girlfriend had kept the dog from her previous relationship, even though it was “originally” her ex’s.

The ex-boyfriend wanted to see the dog, but she refused to let him. 

“I heard he stopped trying to get it back after a while because he got sick,” he wrote.

Months had passed since then and, eventually, a relative of the ex-boyfriend had come over to try and convince her, “but she refused and threatened to call the cops on them,”

The man had found his ex-girlfriend’s actions to be “cruel” and “unsympathetic”, especially since it was originally not her dog. 

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His girlfriend didn't let her ex-boyfriend see their shared dog, even though it was his last chance.

“Despite not being a huge fan of dogs. I put it in my car, contacted the guy (her ex) and went over to his mother's house to let him see the dog,” he wrote.

When the ex-boyfriend was finally reunited with his dog, he cried and played with him for a few hours. 

He was also very appreciative, and the man expressed that he only did it because “of being human.” 

“I know if I was in his place I'd want someone to help me see my beloved pet when my ex keeps refusing for no reason other than to be bitter and petty,” he continued.

“The guy passed away days ago. Thinking about it, I feel relieved that I did what I did although I can't tell anyone”.

“She doesn't know that I drove the dog to her ex that day while she was at work.”

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He went against his girlfriend's wishes and took the dog anyway, which many users praised him for.

“My ex had a dog when we broke up. We'd been together over 5 years so emotionally the dog was mine too. But I would NEVER consider taking the dog from him,” wrote one user.

“That's monstrous. I would never date anyone that did that either. Whatever you do, don't get another dog with this person.”

“Unless your girlfriend had some major trauma with the ex, she seems like a very cruel person. This would make me seriously question my relationship with her,” wrote a second.

“Good on you for doing a kind thing and letting him see his beloved old pet.”

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