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Woman Says Friend Asked Her Not To Wear Makeup In Front Of Her Boyfriend & Asks If She Should Comply

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Text from friend, woman doing makeup

During a text message conversation with her friend that she posted to Twitter, a woman named Mia was confused after her friend told her not to wear makeup while they hung out that day.

Not seeming to understand why her friend would ask Mia not to do her makeup, she asked for an explanation — something that her friend was unwilling to give.

Her explanation was that Mia would only be going out with her and her boyfriend.

“Well it’s just gonna be me you and my boyfriend,” her friend explained when Mia asked why. “You don’t need to.”

If her friend thinks that, just because Mia is only going out with her and her boyfriend means she needn’t wear makeup, she probably doesn’t understand why she wears makeup in the first place.

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Mia, likely unconvinced by the reason her friend gave, answered by saying “yeah but I mean if we’re going out I’m probably going to.”

It doesn’t matter who she’s going out with, what matters is where they’re going and who will be around — if Mia wants to look good while she’s out in public, she’ll do and wear whatever she wants in order to reach that goal.

“Lol ok,” her friend said. “I’m just saying it’s weird if you do all that when it’s just me and my bf.”

At this point, people on Twitter were starting to realize that the problem wasn’t with Mia wearing makeup, it was her friend’s boyfriend seeing her in the makeup.

After telling her friend she didn’t understand, she said “Just don’t wear makeup lol why do you care so much,” prompting Mia to say “you’re weird.”

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Social media users called Mia’s friend insecure for wanting her not to wear makeup.

“If her boyfriend was focused on her then it wouldn’t be an issue,” one user wrote. “Maybe she needs to have a conversation with him.”

Instead of shifting the blame onto Mia and her use of makeup, she should probably have a conversation with her boyfriend about his wandering gaze.

Others said that maybe she was jealous or insecure, with one person claiming “that isn’t your friend.” 

“If I have a bf I want my girls to look as [good] or even better than me.”

While maintaining the same line of thinking, someone else said she could just be insecure about herself — it doesn’t have to be some rooted dislike for Mia.

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They claimed that a real friend would actually help her move past her insecurities and help her feel better about it instead of thinking of them as a “hater.”

Others suggested that maybe they should only hang out when her boyfriend isn’t there.

“Me personally, as a good friend, I would’ve told her let’s only hang out when your boyfriend isn’t around to make her feel comfortable,” they wrote, but others claimed this wasn’t a real friendship.

Some suggested not going out at all, while others said she should go all out and wear makeup and revealing outfits just to make her even more upset.

To settle the issue, she decided to leave it up to a vote, with more people voting for her to “wear makeup and go” over “don’t go and block her.”

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