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Husband's Bizarre Reaction To His Sister-In-Law's Pregnancy Makes His Wife Think They Had An Affair

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When a family member announces a pregnancy, you usually wouldn’t expect anyone to react by throwing up, crying, and acting bizarrely. 

However, this is exactly how one man redacted upon hearing the news that his sister-in-law was pregnant. 

He shocked the rest of the family, especially his wife, who believes that his reaction might have something to do with his feelings about her sister. 

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The woman suspected that her husband may have cheated on her with her sister due to his reaction to her pregnancy. 

Sharing her story on the subreddit thread, r/TrueOffMyChest, the woman revealed that she cannot shake her husband’s reaction to her sister’s big news and that is “going crazy” thinking about it. 

The woman shared that she and her husband went to her parent's house for dinner, along with her sister and her boyfriend. 

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“All was going well. We were talking, laughing, and eating,” she wrote. 

However, her husband’s mood suddenly shifted when the woman’s sister stood up from her seat and announced she was pregnant. 

“I noticed at first that my husband got quiet, didn't get up to congratulate her since the rest of us did, and just kept staring at or towards her,” the woman wrote.

“I repeatedly asked if he was okay and he mumbled about feeling a bit sick.” 

The woman noted that her husband’s behavior was strange and sudden, considering that he’d been fine all day. 

“Literally, moments later he started throwing up,” the woman revealed. “He sat on the bathroom floor near the toilet just looking down and refusing to let me help him up to wash his face.” 

The woman continued to ask her husband if he was all right, but was met with no response from him. 

The woman’s family was worried about her husband and she decided to take him home, where she checked his temperature and blood pressure. Both appeared to be normal. 

Still silent, the woman’s husband went to bed shortly afterward.

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Early the next morning, she was awoken by the sound of him crying in the shower. 

The woman rushed into the bathroom and again asked him if he was okay, and told her that he “needed a minute to himself.” 

The woman grew increasingly worried. “I almost lost it demanding he explain what was going on and he told me he was just feeling overwhelmed,” she wrote. 

However, the woman claimed that her husband is not someone who is easily stressed out and his behavior was out of character for him. 

After that, he left for work without another word. 

“I can't help but feel like this reaction was triggered by my sister's pregnancy announcement since this is all started right after she made it,” the woman wrote. 

She fears that her husband’s reaction may be due to him having an affair with her sister. 

“My sister once implied that my husband was her type and hoped to get someone like him,” she wrote. 

“This could be nothing but I can't shake this weird feeling about what happened.” 

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Other Redditors agreed with the woman that her husband’s reaction was concerning and that he may have cheated. 

“God, I hope it's just a random, insanely timed coincidence, but yeah...that was a textbook I'm Daddy/Uncle’ reaction,” one user commented. 

“Definitely fishy. My paranoid mind would presume there’s a chance it’s his, or he’s secretly in love with her,” another user wrote. 

“I’ve never gotten physically ill from disappointment, but guilt? Definitely,” another user added. 

Others urged the woman to speak with her sister about the matter since her husband refused to talk about it any further. 

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