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Man Discovers His Boyfriend Of 10 Years Got His Twin Sister Pregnant

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A man has posted to the subreddit 'True Off My Chest,' sharing a heartbreaking story of him finding out that his boyfriend of 10 years had cheated on him with his twin sister.

The man, 18, had been with his now ex-boyfriend, 19, whom he refers to as James in his story, since the two were in elementary school.

However, after 10 years together he discovered his boyfriend had gotten his twin sister pregnant.

They had confessed to liking each other back when they were both 8 and 9, and had stayed together since.

However, their relationship hadn't started to become a bit more serious until the two had entered their freshmen year in high school. 

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"We’ve actually known each other for longer than that: we met in kindergarten so it’s safe to say we’ve known each other for 15 years+ and been together for 10 years+. We never broke up and never took ‘a break’ of some sort, either," the man wrote in his Reddit post.

He explained that both of their parents have always been supportive of their relationship and sexualities, and nothing in their relationship had started going awry until about 5 months ago.

The man's twin sister, whom he names as Emily, 18, and his parents live with him considering that he is still a senior in high school and is moving out for college in a couple of months. 

James and Emily have known each other since they were all little kids, but James had never gotten along well with Emily. The man shared that his sister had always been jealous that he had spent more time with James than with her, and had gotten a boyfriend before her as well.

It was uncommon to see Emily and James getting along, despite the fact that all three of them were classmates and James saw Emily pretty much every time he went over to his boyfriend's house. 

"They were simple acquaintances and that never really bugged me: Emily has never been hostile or judgmental of James, and James never said anything particularly mean about my sister," he explained.

But, things in their relationship suddenly changed after the man discovered that James had been receiving an influx of messages on his phone while they had been hanging out back in February, an occurrence that usually never happened.

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The man asked James what the messages were about, since he knew that most of James's friends usually conversed through Instagram and never through iMessages.

James had pretty much shrugged off the messages, telling his boyfriend that his driving teacher is trying to get him to schedule their next driving lesson. The man had been about to let it go, but noticed a heart '<3,' had popped up in one of the texts.

"I confronted him about it and asked why his driving teacher would be sending him a heart at 9PM on a Saturday night and he said that I’m making a big deal out of nothing and I should just watch the movie in silence and stop bugging him with questions, but I was too irritated to let him go off the hook so easily and made him unlock his phone and read the messages out loud to me."

James began tearing up as he started reading the texts for his boyfriend, which had said things like, "We'll manage, I know we will," and "Don't worry about being too young to be a dad."

The man immediately became enraged, forcing James to give him more details since he couldn't see who the contact name was. Once James began scrolling and sharing older text messages, it was then that the man discovered the person was his twin sister.

The man immediately called his sister, asking her to come home, but she refused, telling him that he was "being delusional."

It was then that James had admitted to having an affair with Emily, and began apologizing, begging for his boyfriend to forgive him.

"I found out they had sex at least a dozen times behind my back, including in MY BED. My sister and boyfriend having sex in my bed and my boyfriend getting her pregnant in my room, while playing music from my laptop," he wrote.

"James told me most details thinking it would make the situation better but I was and still am absolutely destroyed by this."

The man was furious, refusing to forgive James for cheating on him for months with his twin sister and getting her pregnant. He ended up kicking James out after finding out, and Emily ended up never coming home from her trip.

She also hasn't been answering her phone, and refuses to reply to texts from her brother or her father, only choosing to talk to their mother.

James ended up blocking the man on Instagram, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger, and canceled all of their shared subscription platforms, like Netflix, Spotify, and HBO.

The two didn't see each other much in school after, but the man refused to acknowledge James.

"The two people I trusted the most betrayed me and and lied to me. I cant believe this is happening to me and I’m trying my best to not spiral out of control," he writes. 

"I have no idea what my sister will do with the baby since I didn’t get to read all of the recent messages, and if her and James will get together for the sake of the child, but I’m shattered."

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