6 Times North West & Kanye West Had The Exact Same Personality

Like father, like daughter.

North West, Kanye West Instagram

Like father, like daughter, goes the slightly altered version of the old saying — and no family proves that statement is true quite like The Wests.

The bond Kanye West, and his oldest daughter North West share is well-documented.

But as North grows older and becomes more involved in her not-yet-realized celebrity life, people are starting to draw even more comparisons to the 9-year-old’s father, saying they’re like twins.


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Here are 5 times North West acted just like her father Kanye West.

1. North West is a born performer.

During 2020’s Paris Fashion Week, Kanye unveiled his Yeezy Season 8 collection to the world in the form of his own fashion show, featuring several of the largest creative minds to grace the world of fashion as well as a breakout musical guest that no one had ever heard live before that night — Kanye’s own daughter, North.

North took the stage wearing boots that look eerily similar to the signature boots Kanye refuses to take off even when he sleeps, and started singing what could only be her magnum opus.


Surrounded by models doing their walks, she asked “What are those?” to which she answered herself, “these are clothes.”

The theme of her song was very fitting.

Some people might not know this, but Kanye is also somewhat of a rapper as well, so it’s good to see that the rap career is genetic.


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2. North calls her mother out any chance she gets.

North is no stranger to being in Kardashian’s videos for Instagram, TikTok, or even interviews, but every time she pops up in one of them it seems like she’s calling her mother out for something.

Kardashian got flowers from a celebrity friend? “They’re really not that pretty,” she says off on the side.


Olivia Rodrigo sends her a gift package? “You never listen to her,” she says.

North exposes her at every chance she gets and you can never tell if she’s telling the truth or she’s just wreaking havoc, just like her father.

Kanye is also no stranger to calling his ex-wife out, albeit in a much more different manner than her daughter.

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3. North West has strong opinions about Kim Kardashian's fashion sense.

Being the daughter of two highly-revered fashion designers, one being the creator of SKIMS and the other the creator of Yeezy (I’ll let you guess who’s who), North is likely to have a fashion mind of her own.


In interviews, Kardashian has talked about her daughter’s strong opinions on her fashion.

"North is very opinionated when it comes to what I'm wearing," Kardashian said, according to PEOPLE. "She'll always complain when I'm wearing too much black."

North wants her mother to wear more colorful clothing and gets excited when she sees her mom doing so.

"I showed up at her school on Valentine's Day wearing head-to-toe pink, and she got so excited she ran over and hugged me," Kardashian continued. "[Of course] she opened my coat, saw the black lining, and says 'Mom, you're still wearing black.'"

Many people believed that Kanye had a massive influence on Kardashian’s wardrobe, so it might be likely that North is following in her father’s footsteps.


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4. North West speaks her mind — just like Kanye.

No one can stop Kanye West from sharing his opinions — no matter who he offends — and North seems to be just like her dad.

A recent video of North wishing her cousin, Khloe Kardashian's daughter True, proves as much.

While wishing her cousin a Happy 4th Birthday, on her mom's Instagram North shared some candid thoughts.



"Four sucks," she jokes while, ironically, wearing a shirt with an image of her outspoken father on it.


Kardashian previously told ET that North doesn't filter her opinions for anyone.

"She definitely has Kanye's outgoing personality and will say what's on her mind no matter what it is and who it might offend." 

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5. North is nothing if not confident.

North is beaming with confidence in everything that she does.

All of the previous mentions show that she does and says whatever she wants without consequence because she’s confident in what she’s saying.

The fact that she was able to perform a rap she wrote herself at Paris Fashion Week in front of thousands of people speaks volumes.


Being able to call out her billionaire socialite influencer mother wherever she goes also speaks volumes.

Not only that, but she also behaves confidently in the TikToks she records with Kardashian.

She has an air of confidence that can be seen in everything she does, just like Kanye.


While Kanye might enter a little too far into narcissism and an egomaniac, he does exude confidence.

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6. North and Kanye are both Geminis.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, both North and Kanye are Geminis, which means they were born between May 21 and about June 21.

If you believe in astrology at all, then you’d understand what this means for both of their personalities and why it makes sense, but for those who don’t: Geminis are typically very outspoken.

Geminis are typically seen as super problematic and controversial, and while Kanye fits the bill in that regard, North doesn’t because 1. She’s only 8 years old. But 2. Because she takes being outspoken and opinionated in a different way than her father.


North shares her opinions and speaks out about things without being rude about it or trying to act like everything is about her, whereas her father might.

Hopefully, being under her mother’s wing while still acting like her father will give her the best of both worlds, but even Kardashian admits that she’s way more like Kanye than her.

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