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6 Times Kylie Jenner Was Called Out For Her 'Cruel' Treatment Of Daughter Stormi

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Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner’s fans are calling out her parenting skills after an Instagram post featuring her daughter.

Jenner is a mom to 5-year-old Stormi and a son named Aire born in February 2022. 

Though the 25-year-old makeup mogul is often praised for being a loving mom to her little ones, fans are beginning to question the sincerity of how she portrays her family life online.

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Here are 6 times Kylie Jenner was called out for how she treats Stormi.

1. Jenner was called ‘cruel’ for using Stormi in an Instagram post.

Jenner was called out by fans for a seemingly innocuous photo she shared in an Instagram carousel documenting her “life lately.”


Fans dubbed the image of her and Stormi with stickers all over their faces “calculated” and accused Jenner of trying to craft a relatable, down-to-earth image online.

"This idea makes me sick. So cruel to the little girl and I totally agree she's using the poor thing. Ugh, so gross,” a fan wrote on Reddit, via The Sun.

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2. Fans claimed Stormi is dressed ‘inappropriately’ at public events.

When Jenner took her daughter to an August event celebrating “Kylie Cosmetics,” fans called out the mom-of-two for over Stormi’s outfit.



Stormi was dressed in a silver one-shoulder minidress which fans claimed was unsuitable.

"I think it’s gross to take that baby everywhere in front of the cameras and have her all styled for events like this so young,” one fan wrote online.

3. Fans don’t like that Stormi appears in public but her brother was hidden.

After the event, fans also took issue with the fact that the youngster was attending a nighttime event while her baby brother was hidden from the public until right before his first birt.

“I get the other baby is younger, but it’s weird to me how they protect him but actively parade Stormi around in an inappropriate dress!" said another.

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4. Jenner shared a video of Stormi lipsyncing an explicit song by Travis Scott.

Earlier in August, Jenner was criticized for sharing a video with her daughter in which they sang along with an expletive-filled song by Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott.

The pair lipsynced to the words: "Mamacita, cita, cita / You know I really need yah.

"Need yah, need yah, right now."



The clip cut off before the X-rated next line which goes: "She get freaky when the lights down."

One fan wrote: "Call me old-fashioned but isn't [Stormi] a little young to be singing that song?"

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5. Fans said Stormi’s nail could be a ‘choking hazard.’

When Jenner shared a video of herself getting her nails done with her daughter, critics came for the reality star.



"Lemme just glue some choking hazards on my toddler's hands," one fan wrote on Reddit, according to The Mirror, in reference to the diamond studs glued to Stormi’s nails.

Others criticized Jenner for having long nails despite having a baby who is still in diapers.

"I was thinking how annoying those nails would be to change diapers in multiple times a day, she must not be," a fan added.

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6. Jenner says she ‘prayed’ about Stormi’s looks before she was born.

In a Q&A shared on her YouTube channel, Jenner said she “prayed and prayed” that Stormi would have her big eyes.

She also appeared relieved that Stormi inherited her dad’s lips which she says was “the one thing I was insecure about.”

Jenner famously got lip fillers for the first time as a teenager.

Fans were outraged that a mom would be so concerned about the physical appearance of her infant daughter.

"I just prayed for a healthy baby," one fan wrote while others questioned why she would project her insecurities onto her daughter.

But others came to her defense, pointing out that many parents think about which features of theirs will be passed down to their kids.

"She was insecure she would have thin lips because she didn’t want her to grow up feeling the need to change them like Kylie did," a fan added.

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