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Why Kanye West Dating Kim Kardashian’s Lookalike Is A Display Of His Own Narcissism — Not His Love For Kim

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Chaney Jones, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

As Kanye West appears to confirm his relationship with Kim Kardashian lookalike Chaney Jones, you might be wondering why exactly the rapper is dating his ex's doppelganger.

The rapper has made no secret of his desires to win his ex-wife back and has used some controversial, and horrifying, tactics to do so. 

But pursuing a woman who looks just like the reality star has to be one of his strangest actions.

Though it's easy to assume that West's relationship with Jones ties back to his obsession with Kardashian, if we dig a little deeper it's possible West's true obsession is with someone other than his ex.

Yep, as with most things in West's life, we can ultimately chalk this one up to the fact that no one loves Kanye like Kanye love himself.

Kanye West's relationship with Chaney Jones is the ultimate display of his narcissism.

Don’t get me wrong, practicing self-love is important, and being confident in yourself and your accomplishments go alongside that, but West is on another level and is commonly referred to as a narcissistic a--hole, even being called one by his former friend John Legend.

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Narcissism is classified as having a lack of empathy for others, feeling entitled to things, and valuing yourself over others, and all of these things can be seen by West’s various stunts over the years. 

For example, when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs in 2009 or more recently his complete lack of respect to Kardashian’s desire for a divorce, their job as co-parents, and her relationship with Pete Davidson.

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West started dating in 2011, they were the Hollywood power couple.

Kardashian had already established herself, and her family, as the most popular reality TV star of this generation. 

But many have argued, including Kardashian herself, that West really put her on the map when it comes to influence — particularly in the fashion world.

You see, West paints himself as an artist, and has been widely regarded as a creative genius, even calling himself an “inventor” and an “innovator” in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015.

He himself has spoken about how the women he’s been with have inspired him to create things and how he views them as muses for his work which will ultimately bring him the recognition and revere he so desires.

If Kanye West uses women as a creative outlet, then Kim Kardashian was his magnum opus.

Sure, West probably loved Kardashian in his own way, but the relationship was as much about his image as it was about hers.

During their relationship, Kardashian built a billion-dollar empire through her KKW makeup brand, SKIMS, her show and a few sponsored posts on Instagram here and there.

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Kardashian's success is her own but that hasn't stopped people from claiming that her fame is largely due to West's efforts

This boosts his ego and he probably misses that.

He wanted to mold Kardashian into his perfect artistic vision, but Kardashian didn’t want that anymore so he has to go looking somewhere else.

Julia Fox and, now, Jones, have been side projects in West's eyes. A means of recreating the greatness he once had because he wants to be praised and recognized for his magnificence.

Though this has proved harder to achieve without Kardashian's influence.

Kanye West, and many others, have underestimated the role Kim Kardashian had in restoring his public image.

Her haters might disagree, but there's no denying that Kardashian made West a more likable, better person.

Thanks to Kardashian, West went from ranting rapper to doting husband and loving father. 

She humanized him in a way that we haven't seen in his relationships before or since her.

Since their split, West has reach a whole new level of controversial.

He has been consistently hurting his image through his interactions with Kardashian, but he can’t seem to let go of the greatness he once saw in himself while he was with her.

He’s consistently been on record saying that he wants his family to be back together and be good again, and he likely means it — just for a different reason than for loving Kardashian.

Dating Jones, who is the spitting image of Kardashian, likely means that he’s trying to recreate something that he had in the past, something that he had for so long and helped him reach all new heights in his own career while Kardashian was also building hers up.

West refuses to let go because that means he would have to let go of a piece of the one thing he loves the most — himself.

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