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Kanye West Reportedly Wants Full Custody Of His Kids & Plans To Take Them To Space With Elon Musk

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It seems that despite Kim Kardashian being declared legally single, Kanye West continues his battle with his ex-wife on another front — custody of their children.

After being banned from Instagram, West has allegedly been talking to friends and sources with close ties to the news media about how he wants to fight for full custody of their four children.

Kanye West believes that he’d be a much better parent than Kim Kardashian who “is never around.”

The 44-year-old rapper and father has been telling his friends that he would make a “better parent” since he alleges that Kardashian always leaves their kids with nannies.

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“Kanye wants to go for full custody of the children,” a source told The Sun. “People close to him were pretty shocked and have been trying to persuade him not to, but he is adamant that he wants the kids full time. He believes Kim is away a lot working and spending time with Pete and that he’d be a better parent."

However, these same people worry that the months and months of abuse and harassment and threats from West’s end might not help him in court — in fact, they’d only hurt him.

Despite what West has done, he still believes that he would be granted full custody. He also, reportedly, has a lot of issues with Kardashian’s current parenting style.

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“He thinks she gives the kids whatever they want, and they are growing up spoiled,” the insider told The Sun. “But everyone close to Kim knows she is a devoted mother to her children. Of course, the children spend time with nannies but she is a working mother."

The 41-year-old SKIMS founder wants to co-parent with West as much as possible and doesn’t want to cut the kids’ father out of their lives.

West, however, seems to have other plans since he’s fighting for full custody of their four children.

Kanye West wants to take their children to space with Elon Musk.

A source exclusively revealed to Hollywood Life a conversation between West and Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, where they discussed a potential trip into space.

"Kanye and Elon have talked about taking a space flight together," they said. "But there has not been discussions on an exact date or exact time to do it. They are friends and talk about everything but they don’t have set plans to go together, although the discussion has been had.”

This all comes after news of Pete Davidson’s flight mission with Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin was delayed and Davidson pulled out.

However, the source claims that this isn’t an attempt to compete with the man who’s dating his ex-wife, but something he simply wants to do to stand out and be unique.

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“He’d want to perform or do something completely out of the box ..." they added, for instance, a "listening party in space."

“He also would like to add his kids to the potential trip,” the insider continued. “He wants to make it as unique as possible and not have it just be a ten-minute flight. ... It wouldn’t be about competition with Pete.”

Kardashian reportedly toyed with the idea of going to space in the past as well, but she’s much less interested in the prospect than West and Davidson.

"Though Kim thinks it would be lots of fun to go into space,” a source close to Kim also revealed to Hollywood Life, “as a mother she is choosing not to because she is very superstitious and would never want to have anything go wrong."

It’s unknown how a judge would feel about space travel as an argument for or against custody, but harassment and abuse are likely to end up on the table way before Musk and Bezos would even have a chance to take the rapper to space.

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