Kim Kardashian's 9-Year-Old Daughter North Looked 'Scared' & 'Lost' As She Waited Outside The Met Gala Alone While Her Mom Was Inside, Say Fans

She accompanied her mom to the red carpet but her mom left her to go inside the event.

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Kim Kardashian is catching some heat after a video surfaced of her daughter, North West, standing alone outside The Met Gala while her mom and aunts took to the red carpet.

The 9-year-old was rumored to be making her Met Gala debut but, instead, only accompanied her mom to the venue of the high-profile fashion event before going their separate ways.

However, now Kardashian is being dubbed a bad parent for not making sure her daughter got home safely.


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North West was seen standing alone outside the Met Gala.

A fan shared a video on TikTok, commenting that North looked “lost” and “overwhelmed.”

The eldest of Kardashian and Kanye West’s four children is seen clutching a handbag while she stands on a sidewalk and waves to fans. She appears to be standing alone but there are plenty of adults, likely her security and handlers, nearby.



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That didn’t stop comments from judgmental fans. One TikTok user wrote, “Poor north where the hell did Kim go?????”

In another video showing the preteen from a different angle, fans commented that she looked “scared” and asked where her mom was. But there may be a reasonable explanation.



Kim Kardashian confirmed that North West waited to watch her on the Met Gala carpet.

In an interview with Vogue before taking to the Met steps alongside her sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kardashian stated that her mini-me had been by her side as she got ready for the event.


"She's actually in the car watching us all walk up the red carpet," Kardashian said of North. "So it was just a glamorous night."

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Perhaps North simply hopped out of the car to get a better view of her famous mom. A video even shows her by Kardashian’s side before they parted ways for the night.


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Listen, it’s easy to mom-shame a figure as polarizing as Kim Kardashian but we don't have all the facts and details of the situation, and it's possible that North was not actually alone for an extended period of time. 

Kardashian is one of the most famous people in the world, and her family's lives are constantly in the public eye. This can make it difficult to balance the demands of fame with the responsibilities of being a parent. Kardashian has often spoken about her struggles with motherhood, admitting that it can be challenging to balance her career with her family life.


At the same time, many fans feel that celebrities have a responsibility to prioritize their children's well-being over their own desires for attention or success.

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It's possible that Kardashian was simply caught up in the excitement of the event and didn't realize the impact her actions would have on her daughter. However, regardless of her intentions, it's clear that the incident has caused distress for many people.


Ultimately, the incident sparked an important conversation about the responsibilities of celebrity parents and the impact of fame on children. While we may never know exactly what happened outside the Met Gala that night, it's clear that this is a situation that could happen to any parent in the public eye.

As fans, we have a responsibility to hold celebrities accountable when necessary, while also recognizing that they are human beings with their own struggles and challenges. As for Kim and North, we can only hope that they are both safe and happy and that this incident serves as a reminder to prioritize the well-being of children above all else.

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