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Fans Wonder If Kim Kardashian Is Balding After Her Daughter Posts A Video Of Her Real Hair

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Side by side of Kim's real hair on TikTok and her long blond extensions on a red carpet

Perhaps no one has had more impact on beauty standards and trends in recent years than Kim Kardashian, and her long, perfectly coiffed hair is one of her many signatures.

So it's no surprise that when her real hair — no extensions, no wigs, no styling — was recently revealed on social media, it immediately set fans' tongues wagging.

They instantly noticed that her hair looked dry, thin, short, and maybe even damaged by all the relentless styling she undergoes.



And before long, rumors started swirling about Kim's hair, too — like that she might actually be going bald.

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It all began when North West, Kim Kardashian's 9-year-old daughter with Kanye West, posted images of her mother unstyled on TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok has since been deleted — Kim, and all other Kardashians and Jenners for that matter, tightly control their images.

But screenshots are forever, as the saying goes, and captures of the video still live on, as do fans' astonished reactions.


One TikToker wrote, "this is truly shocking," with many others remarking that her hair looked "fried" and that it was "time for a pixie cut."

In the "r/KUWTK" (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) subReddit, a Reddit forum for KarJenner fans, several people had theories about what might have gone down on Kardashian's head.

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Many wondered if all the bleaching Kardashian does, like the intense dye job she had to look like Marilyn Monroe at this year's Met Gala, has irreparably damaged her hair.

But one Redditor felt bleaching can't possibly be the whole story. They theorized Kardashian has traction alopecia "from pulling hair up [and] tight hairstyles."

They went on to say that Kardashian, "does so much damage to her hair aside from the bleaching ... heat damage daily ... tight slicked back styles ... etc."

The user also noted that "her part has been getting wider over the years because her hair is thinning."

And when it comes to the theory that Kardashian's hair might truly be falling out, the Redditor is far from alone.

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A blind item claims that a star fitting Kim Kardashian's description is actually treating her baldness with the hair-growth drug Rogaine.

A recent post on long-running celebrity blind item blog Crazy Days and Nights claims that an "alliterative reality star is taking Rogaine."

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There are only so many "alliterative reality stars" out there, and they're mostly from the same family, of course. 

The blind item went on to call the Rogaine treatments pointless because "her hair is destroyed forever and it is only a matter of time before she is bald."

Many fans weren't convinced that Kardashian's hair situation was quite that serious, but they mostly agreed that something is definitely up.

One Redditor said they had noticed Kardashian's hair "has definitely gotten thinner over the years."

And another who said she has "been there" didn't feel like Kardashian's hair was likely to bounce back.

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As she put it, "it’s a LONG journey…that unfortunately includes foregoing extensions, drastically reducing hot tool use, and minimal coloring, which we know she won’t do."

If Kardashian is actually balding, she certainly isn't alone in Hollywood — as we all know from this year's Oscars debacle over Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia

But supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Kiera Knightley have both revealed they've suffered hair loss too, due to punishing Hollywood styling regimens.

And everyone from Britney Spears and Kate Beckinsale to Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera have had their hair ripped out by extensions.

No wonder Nicole Kidman is always wearing all those wild wigs.

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