Why Taylor Swift Fans Think She Wrote A Secret Poetry Book With Clues About Her New Music

Another day, another Swiftie conspiracy.

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Taylor Swift fans are theorizing that she wrote a poetry book under the alias "June Bates" after spotting curious parallels between the singer's work and the mysterious collection.

With the release of her new album "Midnights," Swift has received an incredible amount of attention on all social media platforms.

Per usual, fans have flocked to pick through her songs, hoping to decode a lyric or unveil a secret. On TikTok, her song "Karma" has already proven important for a new trend of revenge against ugly and toxic exes — which we’re absolutely here for. 


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Outside of people creating new trends with the album, there are also millions of new theories about Swift's music. From intentional connections to Harry Styles’ music, references to previous albums, alleged baby names, or even ties to mysterious poet June Bates — can we handle any more rumors hidden in this album?

The "June Bates Theory" has fans thinking Swift may be a published poet under a secret pen name.

We can't be all too surprised, as everyone and their mother knows Swift is known for her easter eggs. 

Is Taylor Swift writing poetry as 'June Bates'? 

Swift's new album has ties to poetry released by an elusive author named June Bates, prompting fans to think the two might be the same person.


June Bates' work is linked to Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' album.

On October 18, Bates released a poetry collection titled "The Lavender Haze: Sapphic Poetry."

The book's release came after, on October 6, Swift unveiled the tracklist for "Midnights" ahead of the album's October 21 release.

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On that tracklist was a song titled, you guessed it, "Lavender Haze" and this is where the theory originates.

TikToker and dedicated Swiftie Emily Stokes released a video on October 24th, three days after 'Midnights' was released, hashing out the June Bates theory.



Not only does she state the obvious with the connection in titles, but she also delves into some of the deeper conspiracies about the style of the lyrics, connections to previous albums, and the timeline of the book release.

Stokes first shares the opening poem in the book: 

"i used to hope karma would get you in your sleep. now i just prioritize my peace." 

Stokes points out that this opening poem has three different references to some of Swift's songs. First, "Karma" is a song on the new album, “sleep” could be a reference to "Midnights," and “peace” which is a song from Swift's "Folklore" album. 

Next, Stokes links a poem to Swift's song, "Long Story Short." 

Bates writes: “brave girls dive headfirst into love because we trust ourselves enough to survive the fall”

In Swift's song, she sings: "Pushed from the precipice / Climbed right back up the cliff / Long story short, I survived."


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Stokes goes on to share more poems with many more alleged connections to Swift: references to cats, making tea, having garden parties, direct relations to songs and referencing lovers as “sunshine."

The reference to "sapphic poetry" in the collection's title has also added to the theory that Swift is alluding to her queer identity in her music.

So, who is June Bates?

The author has almost no online presence and an Amazon page linking her two published collections doesn't give away much about her identity.

Some have speculated that the collection could be a fan's clever conception but others have noted that the timeline between the tracklist release and the collection publishing is way too tight for an outsider to pull off.




Taylor Swift has discussed writing poetry in the past.

Apart from picking apart Swift's lyrics for clues, fans have also resurfaced a Jimmy Fallon interview with Swift where she discusses writing poems very often over the past few years.

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So, could it really be Swift Swift behind June Bates' work? Are the similarities and connections to her lyrics enough to justify accepting this theory — or could it be a Swiftie who is no stranger to staying up until 3 AM who quickly turned around a poetry book for Amazon?


I guess, Swiftie or not, we’ll have to bear the anticipation of Swift possibly addressing the rumors to find out the truth. 

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