Taylor Swift Fans Are Using Easter Eggs From ‘Red’ To Guess What Album She’s Releasing Next

We know her "all too well."

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Taylor Swift may have just dropped 'Red (Taylors Version)' but fans are already predicting what's next from the singer.

Swift has been re-recording several of her older albums and dropping plenty of secret hints about what she's working on next. 

Fans are going crazy over her work and have been posting tweets, Instagram posts, and TikToks celebrating and anticipating the release of the new versions. 


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What album is Taylor Swift releasing next?

Fans have been debating whether Taylor will release "Speak Now" or "1989" next. 

We saw that earlier this week Taylor's song "Enchanted" off of her "Speak Now" album was trending on TikTok.

Some fans noticed on Twitter that Taylor is selling her Red (Taylor's Version) CD for $20.10, which might be referencing the year 2010 which is when "Speak Now" was released. 

That caused some fans to believe the next album we are getting from Taylor is "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)."


Other fans think that we might get a "1989 (Taylor's Version) first as the "All Too Well" trailer includes a 1989 Mercedes-Benz S Class car.

Sadie Sink plays a character in the show "Stranger Things," — some fans think final season of the show will take place in 1989. 


Whatever album comes first, it sounds like Taylor isn't done keeping her fans on their toes and that's something she's very good at.

In the meantime, you can stream "Red (Taylors Version)" now, and watch the "All Too Well" short film tomorrow, November 12th at 7 pm on YouTube. 

Fans have been celebrating the rerelease of "Red."

Lots of fans are trending on Twitter and TikTok for their reactions and videos sharing their excitement for the album release.

One fan posted on TikTok that she told her therapist the news and her therapist suggested moving her appointment earlier to which the woman responded "You know me so well" and the therapist responded "One might even say... All too well," referencing Taylor's song on the album. 


Others have posted screaming videos of them singing "All Too Well" after Swift told fans there's going to be a ten-minute version and music video.

There's also a trend going around on TikTok of men trying to be "extra nice" to their partners so their girlfriends don’t absolutely lose it on this "scary holiday" when Red (Taylor's version) comes out.

Another TikTok user posted a video suggesting things you can do to prepare for the release such as stocking up on tissues, ordering a greek fisherman hat such as the one Taylor wears in the Red promo photos, getting broken up with, stocking up on your favorite red lipsticks, and leaving a scarf at an ex's place. 


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While Taylor is no stranger to giving her fans secret hints, some super fans have also noticed some pretty suspicious and exciting easter eggs throughout this past week after all of Taylor's announcements. 

The first is that Taylor is making a direct reference to her relationship with Gyllenhaal in the "All Too Well" short film.

Swift casted Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink. That's because O'Brien is 30-years-old and Sink is 19-years-old making their age difference just over ten years. That is about the same age difference that Taylor and Gyllenhaal had when she dated him at 20-years-old. 


O'Brien even made a joke and said he has been preparing for the role by not showering for a month, referencing the news about Gyllenhaal a month ago who admitted he doesn't take baths

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