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8 Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Makes Kanye West Follow If He Wants To See His Kids

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Kanye West can see his kids whenever he wants, contrary to his belief, but Kim Kardashian has imposed numerous strict rules for him to follow if he wants to continue spending time with his children.

Since the two are no longer together, they have to navigate parenting their four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm as single parents.

Kardashian, however, doesn’t appear to be happy with West’s recent antics and their relationship has proved challenging, so boundaries have been put in place. 

Here are the eight strict rules Kim Kardashian makes Kanye West follow if he wants to see his kids. 

1. Don't do anything to damage them.

Ever since the two got divorced back in 2021, Kardashian has made it clear that she wanted West to spend more time with his kids and bond more.

She just hopes that West is careful when it comes to handling their kids.

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"Kim has made it clear that Kanye can talk to his children anytime he wants. She has never threatened to keep him from the kids," a source told People.

"She only requires that he is not going to damage them. She knows he loves them, and they love him.”

2. Kanye can FaceTime the kids whenever he wants — she has an open-door phone policy.

Kardashian wants West to talk to his kids as much as he wants.

As a parent, she realizes how important it is for her children to spend time with their father.

“Kanye can FaceTime the kids anytime he wants,” the source told People. "He knows he needs to be in contact with his kids. They need contact with their father.”

Although it was a bit of a strange move considering all of his public outbursts, West purchased the home across the street from Kardashian in order to see them more.

3. All visits must be supervised by a nanny.

As a father, West wants to spend time with his children, but that doesn't mean he wants to have Kardashian around.

While Kardashian has nothing against this, she has one rule regarding it.

"Kanye has been spending time with all the kids. A nanny is around during the visits. Kim has not been around for the visits, at Kanye's request." the same source explained to People.

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 4. The kids can go to Kanye's Donda Academy for choir after school, but not during the school day.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, West opened up about how he wants his children to attend Donda Academy — the mysterious school that West opened up several years ago. 

West said, “All they do is take all the celebs' kids and throw them into this same school.”

He just wants to make sure that his kids are getting the best education they can, but Kardashian refuses.

Eventually, the two compromised on a solution.

“Right now we’ve come to a compromise — but I’m not finished because I don’t compromise — but we’ve come to a compromise that my kids come to my school after school and they learn choir,” West added.

5. Kanye can't just walk into Kim & the kids' home whenever he wants. 

While the “Flashing Lights” rapper does have the freedom to see his kids whenever he wants, he doesn’t have the freedom to walk into their homes as he pleases.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, West shared that security had stopped him at the gate and prevented him from meeting his kids.

“Earlier this week, Monday, when I went to go pick my kids up from school, the security stopped me at the gate. So at that point, security was in between me and my children and that’s what was not going to happen,” he said. 

“But I didn’t want to argue about it. So I just chilled, took my kids to school, and then took my kids back.”

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6. Kanye needs to show the kids how much he loves them.

Kardashian has been quite vocal about allowing her kids to bond with West, but she requires that he show his love and care for them too.

"He needs to show them how much he loves them,” a source explained to People.

7. All visits to the kids must be scheduled in advance.

In response to West being stopped at the gate of her home by security, one source told Page Six that Kardashian wants to keep healthy boundaries between the kids and their father.

The source said, “Instead of showing up at any hour, unannounced at her home, she has asked for better communication from him and for visits to be scheduled in advance to give the kids a more predictable [schedule].”

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8. Matters regarding the children should be kept private. 

Kardashian was quite upset when West shared about him being barred from entering their home as she wants to keep all matters about her children private.

“She wants all matters regarding kids private, and is so upset Kanye had done interviews, discussing these private matters,” another source told Page Six.

“She has always protected the kids and kept things quiet – and always protected him.”

In another instance, Kardashian spoke out about it when she had too much of West’s behavior.

According to Cosmopolitan, she posted about it on her Instagram stories.

Her post read, “Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all…I wish to handle all matters regarding our children privately.”

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