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Fans Slam Kanye West After Kim Kardashian Reveals The Parenting Task He Refused To Do In Resurfaced Interview

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Hands-on dads are sometimes difficult to come by — especially in Hollywood. Most of the messy components of child-rearing fall on the mothers.

Kanye West is no exception. Fans blasted the rapper after his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, revealed in a 2014 interview that West refused to change their daughter, North’s, diapers when she was an infant. 

Kardashian claimed that West did not change their daughter's diapers. 

During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2014, Kardashian gushed over her then-fiance and his devotion to their daughter, North.

“He is honestly the most amazing dad. He loves her [North] so much. He just left to go out of town, so I send him a picture and video every day,” Kardashian said.

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“He's like, 'She grew up so much!' and I'm like, 'Babe, it's been one day. You haven't seen her in a day. Not a lot has changed.' But he really is a hands-on dad.” 

Despite Kardashian’s claims of West being a “hands-on dad”, she told viewers that he refused to change their daughter’s diapers.

''He's not a diaper-changing kind of guy and that's OK,” she said. She added that West would change a diaper “if it was an emergency.” 

Kardashian reported that she actually enjoyed changing diapers since the time allowed her to bond with her daughter.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she's on the changing table,” Kardashian claimed. “She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I'm with her.''

However, fans were not so thrilled about this parenting style. 

“It’s kind of crazy how these women allow their men to get away with not changing diapers,” a Reddit user posted to the subreddit thread, r/KUWTK. “I’m disgusted that all the child-rearing is put on the women always.” 

West was not the only Kardashian baby daddy to come under fire for the diaper debacle.

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and father of her three children was teased in an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” for changing their oldest son, Mason’s, diapers when he was an infant only two times. 

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Fans also speculated whether or not Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s ex-boyfriend and father to her daughter True and their newborn son, and Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and father to her daughter, Stormi and six-month-old son, change any diapers. 

The fathers were blasted for their lack of involvement in their children’s diaper-changing.

“The bar is set so low for dads,” one Redditor pointed out. “Yeah, it’s an equal parts woman and man job. I couldn’t have kids with someone who didn’t take on equal parts of all parenting,” another user wrote.

Other users blasted the Kardashian-Jenner women.

“All these women are attracted to misogynistic men who are lousy partners (except maybe Kendall). The KJ’s (Kardashian-Jenners) don’t respect themselves as much as they claim to,” another user commented. 

Users also questioned just how involved the mothers of the family really were when it came to changing their children’s diapers. 

“All their child-rearing is put on nannies. They weren’t changing diapers either,” one user wrote. “Don’t be ridiculous these girls are NOT CHANGING DIAPERS with 3-inch fake nails they all wear,” another Redditor said.

“They have a maid do it. You sound foolish to think they are taking care of their own kids they have multiple nannies.” 

However, according to Kim Kardashian herself, she was heavily involved in the care of her children. In 2015, she shared the struggles of parenthood in a blog post on her website shortly after welcoming her second child, Saint. 

“I’m up at 4 a.m., pumping and delirious, hiding in my daughter’s closet because if she sees I snuck out of her bed, she will start to cry AND I think she gave me a cold so I figure no better time to write a #StraightUp than now!” Kardashian wrote. “Every waking second that I’m not with the baby, I’m with North.” 

Hopefully, as time went on and more children came into the picture, the dads stepped it up a notch and took on all of the responsibilities that come with becoming a parent. 

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