TikTok's Hilarious 'The Kardashians' Parodies Show How Deep Their Cultural Impact Goes

When even people who don't watch the shows love Kardashian parodies, you know they've made an impact

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At this point, the Kardashians are such a cultural institution that even those of us who've never watched their TV shows know all about them anyway.

I, for one, have never seen a single episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" or their new Hulu show "The Kardashians."

Yet I've gleaned enough through osmosis— just by, you know, existing in the 21st century — that even I could give a substantive recap of that infamous Season 18 physical fight between Kim and Kourtney back in 2020. (Team Kim, by the way. Always. Forever.)


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If you follow pop culture, the KarJenners are inescapable—and that's surely part of why the myriad TikTok parodies of their shows have become so widely beloved.


These hilarious send-ups nail the Kardashians' mannerisms and tropes so perfectly that you don't even have to know the shows to be in on the joke.

And the creators making them have amassed the TikTok followings to prove it.

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TikTok parodies of the Kardashians are nailing the famous family.

Some of the best parodies of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on TikTok home in on the KarJenners' instantly recognizable speech patterns and mannerisms.

TikTokers Emil & Nataly, known as @dominbori on the app, made a perfect parody simply by focusing on the one thing that nearly all Kardashians send-ups share— the signature way the Kardashians turn the word "yeah" into "m'yeah."




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"M'yeah" is a also key component of videos by TikToker Yuri Lamasbella, who bills herself as "The LOST Kardashian."

She's amassed more than three million followers with Kardashians parodies that she keeps deceptively—and hilariously—simple.


One of her most-liked videos is simply her as Kourtney and Kim Kardashian shaking salads in plastic containers while vocal fry drawling about motherhood and never blinking.



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It's the accuracy for me! 

She's since expanded into other concepts, like imagining what Kourtney Kardashian would be as a realtor.




Nailed it.

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Creators have gone viral for spot-on recreations of moments from the Kardashians' lives—or ones that seem like they could be.

Kourtney's infamously disastrous Australian TV interview became the subject of one creator's perfect parody in which he simply re-enacted her hilariously unbothered mannerisms.




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Hang this in the Louvre. It's perfect.

But one of the best Kardashians parodies ever to hit TikTok comes from Filipino influencer Angelo Marasigan.

Marasigan, along with his sister, creates comedic videos on all sorts of topics, from viral dances to mocking their parents. But their Kardashians parodies seem to be fans' favorites.


In their latest, they create a fake argument between the sisters about a ruined surprise party that seems so spot-on I had to Google to see if it was based on a real incident.



Whether it is or not, Angelo-as-Kim criticizing her sister for crying by saying "it's not professional and it's not ethical" is so perfect, the Kardashians should do a recreation of Angelo on their next episode.

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TikToker Boman Martinez-Reid, aka @Bomanizer, is probably the most famous of the Kardashians parodies.

And he's ridden his fans' love all the way to the Golden Globes.

Martinez-Reid, who hails from Toronto, Canada, started his wildly popular TikTok channel poking fun at reality show tropes in general, but it was his Kardashians spoofs that seemed to really hit.

And they've inspired many other creators' parodies, Marasigan's included.

Along with his best friend Eden and other pals with whom he frequently collaborates, Martinez-Reid nails the Kardashians' languid, vocal-fry-heavy speech tics.


From there, they mix in truly ridiculous storylines—like one in which @Bomanizer as Kim launches a fundraiser for "Nepo Babies" because she thinks they are people who suffer from a disease called "nepolepsy."



Even the Kardashians' ubiquitous water bottles and smoothies are accounted for—with a ludicrous array of stand-in household objects like a bottle of Listerine and a tube of sunscreen.

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Martinez-Reid's videos are so universally beloved by Kardashians fans and non-fans alike that they got him and Eden an invite to this year's Golden Globe Awards.

Making it all the way to one of Hollywood's biggest nights on the strength of your hilariously absurd Kardashian parody skills alone? Hell m'yeah.

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