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Model Who Once Feuded With Kylie Jenner Posts Video Allegedly In Travis Scott’s Penthouse

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Sarah Snyder, Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott is being linked to Instagram model Sarah Snyder amid a rumored breakup from Kylie Jenner.

Sources confirmed to PEOPLE this week that Jenner is "not with Travis right now" after the two spent the holidays apart.

The two, who have been dating on and off since 2017 and share two children, are said to be in different places right now but the source did not rule out a reconciliation.

"Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business. She is not a big partier. Travis is the opposite. He likes to party. They definitely have different focuses. They always did," the source added.

However, the possibility of a reunion up between the two may have just got more complicated as rumors swirl that Scott is already moving on.

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Are Travis Scott and Sarah Snyder dating?

Fans have been linking the two after delving into Snyder's social media but there has yet to be substantial evidence to suggest the two are dating.

Fans suspected Sarah Snyder was in Travis Scott's NY penthouse.

A TikTok video of Snyder showing off her outfit in a closet mirror has been reposted across the app with fans claiming the video was recorded inside Scott's New York home.



A unique sculpture in the background of Snyder's post was also featured in an a 2020 Instagram post shared by Scott — though it's unclear where his photo was taken.

However, it is unclear if Scott currently owns a residence in NYC. He and Jenner once rented a Greenwich Village townhouse but haven't lived in the property since 2021.

Snyder originally posted the video in question to her TikTok account in April 2022 — before Jenner and Scott broke up.

At the time, she also replied to a comment from a viewer who asked: "which rappers house u at now?" Snyder shut down the speculation by writing: "I’m at my house I’m not homeless."

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Fans also claimed Travis Scott and Sarah Snyder were seen on his jet together.

In a TikTok video, which was posted by Snyder in October 2021, the Instagram model filmed herself sitting on a private jet.

During the short clip, Snyder panned the camera around, where a brief silhouette of a man with braids was seen. However, that quick look had many fans convinced the man on the jet was Scott.



"Is that Travis Scott?" one user wrote underneath Snyder's video, while another added, "Why [does] that look like Travis Scott in the back?"

News of an alleged relationship between Snyder and Scott has left many fans confused about the current status of Scott and Jenner's relationship, especially considering the alleged feud between Jenner and Snyder.

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Kylie Jenner and Sarah Snyder allegedly don't get along — and both share an ex.

According to Hollywood Life, in 2015 Jenner reportedly warned her ex-boyfriend Jaden Smith about his current girlfriend, Sarah Snyder.

Jenner and Smith briefly dated in 2013 when the two were both teenagers. Two years later, Snyder and Smith were showing off their relationship on social media before eventually breaking up in 2017.

“Kylie warned Jaden to be careful, but she’s not about getting in his business and telling him what to do," a source told the publication.

"Kylie‘s so happy with Tyga — she wants all her friends to be happy and in love the way she is. And if Jaden says he’s happy with this girl, then that’s all that matters to her."

"But if [Sarah] hurts Jaden, it’ll be another story. Right now, Jaden‘s happy, so Kylie‘s happy for him. He has her stamp of approval."

At the time of Jenner's supposed warning to Smith, Snyder had also recently been arrested for stealing a $15,995 Birkin Bag in June 2015, though the charges were later dismissed.

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