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Britney Spears' Husband Responds To Claims That He's Controlling Her Instagram After Unusual Posts Surface

Photo: Instagram
Sam Asghari, Britney Spears

Sam Asghari took to Instagram on December 5th to address the fan theory that he controls Britney Spears’ Instagram account.

Fans' accusations come after much speculation that Asghari is using Spears for her fame and fortune — a charge that has followed the model since he began dating the singer in 2016.

Does Sam Asghari control Britney Spears' Instagram?

Fans suspect that Asghari is managing what his now-wife posts. It was widely suspected that the singer did not have control over her social media during her controversial conservatorship which ended in 2021.

But the "Toxic" singer has repeatedly claimed she decides what gets shared on her account.

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Asghari denied controlling Spears' social media account.

When asked directly during a Q&A if he controls Spears’ account, Asghari answered, “I would never control someone that’s been controlled for 13+ years.” 

Credit: Instagram

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Spears’ Instagram account was deleted that same day.

This is the sixth time in the past four months that Spears’ account has been deactivated. Representatives for Spears haven’t commented on the deactivation. The New York Post reports that according to an insider, Spears is taking a break from the platform.

Concern for the 41-year-old popstar has been heightened in recent weeks, as her fans have been referencing a series of strange and inconsistent posts as evidence that someone else was posting on her behalf.

The posts include an image in which she praised her estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears — at last check the two were not on speaking terms due to a high-profile feud.

But it’s another video of the birthday celebration that has fans wondering if Spears is okay.

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Fans accused Asghari of faking a video of Spears.

In this deleted video, it seems as though Spears is the one filming, as the camera focuses on Asghari the entire time. Asghari sings the words, “Happy Birthday, dear baby,” while the camera pans over a table of flower petals, candles, and cake.



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Spears’ face isn’t featured in the video, but her voice is heard saying “I love you, thank you so much, baby.” 

To fans, the voice in the video sounds strange, like a recording of Spears’ voice as opposed to her actual voice. The video has sparked multiple conspiracy theories across TikTok and Twitter that Asghari is controlling Spears. 

Some fans believe that she’s in a mental health facility, and Asghari’s suspected control of her social media is covering up her institutionalization.

Other fans fear the worst: that Spears is missing or maybe even dead. Using the hashtag #wheresbritney, users on TikTok and Twitter are questioning her whereabouts, and wondering if Spears is in some sort of danger.



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While theories surrounding Spears' social media disappearance vary wildly, all center around concern for her physical and mental well-being.

On Reddit, fans are divided with some claiming the posts are typical of the embattled star while others believe she is in trouble.

As one Reddit user wrote, “all her weird captions are also very authentic Britney, if you look at any of her old blog posts or documentaries that's just how she talks.”

Another Reddit user stated that Asghari “is kinda sus to me but I don’t believe anyone controls her social media. She acts odd on social media because… she is odd. I don’t know why people expected her to come out of this conservatorship 100% mentally sound and normal.”

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