Inside Britney Spears & Sam Asghari’s ‘Iron-Clad’ Prenup & His Net Worth After Their Wedding

She has a huge fortune to protect.

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's prenup will reportedly protect her fortune — something fans had expressed concern over.

Spears and Asghari officially married on Thursday after meeting in 2016. Asghari is Spears’ third husband after Jason Allen Alexander and Kevin Federline.

The couple’s prenuptial agreement was a subject of debate for fans after it was reported that Spears was staying out of proceedings and leaving it to her lawyers to finalize.


The stark difference in net worth between Asghari and his new wife, whose net worth is 30 times that of his, has drawn mixed reactions from those on social media.

What is Sam Asghari's net worth?

Asghari’s net worth is only $1 million, according to The Sun.

He makes his money through modeling and a fitness company, Asghari Fitness, charging clients $9 a week or $36 a month for a personalized fitness program and meal plans.

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Asghari has also starred in several music videos, including Spears' Slumber Party music video where he met his now-wife.


However, new reports suggest that concern about the prenup was misplaced.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's prenup protects her fortune.

An inside source told TMZ that the final draft of the prenup ensures that Asghari won’t see a cent of Spears’ fortune, which is worth an estimated $60 million.

“Britney and Sam signed a prenup in her favor,” a source told Page Six. “Any money she made before the wedding is protected.”

Both Spears and Asghari began discussing a prenup mere days after announcing their engagement. TMZ reported that Spears began speaking to lawyers about a potential agreement as early as September 13, one day after she shared news of her engagement with the world. 


Spears’ prenup with Asghari is not the first time she has entered into such an agreement. She also agreed to a prenup with Federline, whom she divorced in 2007.

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Asghari previously joked that he was the one who wanted a prenup in order to protect his assets.

“Thank you to everyone who is concerned about the prenup!” Asghari wrote on an Instagram story. “Of course we’re getting an iron-clad prenup to protect my jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.”

Reports surfaced in May that Asghari was looking for “substantial increases” for every five years the two were married, as well as protection for his own wealth. It is unknown if these stipulations made it into the agreement’s final draft.


Fans still have mixed reactions about Sam Asghari.

Many of Spears’ fans were excited to see the singer take the necessary steps to protect her assets after her previous marriages ended poorly.

“Before I found out they signed a prenup I was passively happy about Britney + Sam’s engagement but now that I know she is fully protected from him just in case? Oh I’m cheesin lmao congrats brit,” one Twitter user said.

Others took a more pessimistic approach, citing how she lost custody of her kids and other assets in her divorce from Federline despite the prenup being in place.


“All these fans defending Sam saying there is a prenup in place & there's nothing to worry about, K-Fed had one & took her kids & still became a millionaire,” another Twitter user said. “And you're forgetting one important detail. Britney's in a termination plan. Sam is likely to get custody & the checks.”

Hopefully the newly-wed couple finds lasting happiness together and the prenup is remembered as nothing more than a precaution.

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