Britney Spears Real Voice: Inside The Theory Singer Hides Her True Deep Voice, Forced To Perform In Fake Baby Voice

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Britney Spears

As Britney Spears bravely addressed a court during a hearing on the status of her controversial conservatorship, her strong, articulate voice stunned fans and she delivered a heart-wrenching testimony about her life for the past 13 years.

Spears's testimony confirmed the long-held theory that she is being held back from living her life and running her career the way she really wants to. Fans may have been shocked to hear a rare appearance of Spears's real voice which starkly contrasts the voice heard in her music and her erratic social media videos.

For years, another theory has speculated that Spears doesn't actually sing in her real voice — and that the voice that made her famous (you know the one) was forced upon her by those who stand to profit from her talent.

Hearing her strong, Southern drawl express anger and frustration to a courtroom, it's clear that the meek baby voice we're used to hearing from Spears does not represent the weight of her intelligence and strength.

Is Britney Spears's real voice being kept hidden?

Or is there something more going on behind the scenes?

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Some believe Spears is forced to sing in a baby voice.

One Instagram post detailing the theory claims Spears may have been forced to sing in a voice that sounds nothing like her "real" voice throughout her whole career, since it's the one that's sold millions of albums.

They also claim her voice is damaged because of it.

"They had her voice retrained to sing in the baby voice we all know today because they believed it to be more iconic and would create a brand and career for her instead of her real voice," says the post. "It's unhealthy, and it's been destroying her voice over the years, thus why she is known for lip-syncing."


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Fans also suspect Spears's real voice was supposed to appear on her mysterious "Original Doll" album in 2006.

The singer has eluded to the album in the past but her label deny its existence.

Spears was allegedly forced to change her voice during her rivalry with Christina Aguilera.

Fans suspect Spears's team manufactured a unique sound for her as a way to differentiate her from her "Mickey Mouse Club" co-star Christina Aguilera who is also known for her impressive, deep voice.

The pair were often pitched against each other as rivals during the early years of their careers so, as the theory goes, Spears's unique, child-like voice became a means to market her as her own product.

The voice also played into the media's dichotomous representation of Spears, portraying her as virginal and child-like yet hyper-sexualizing her every move.

Old videos show Spears's original, deep singing voice.

In this video, there are several examples of Spears singing in a deep voice that's much different from the one she uses today. It's easy to see that something's definitely different here.

Obviously, voices can change as people get older, and it's been many years since these videos were taken but it's hard to deny that the difference between this voice and the voice we hear on Spears' albums is pretty big.

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Spears has used her "real voice" in performances before.

Rumors about Spears's voice have been around for years.

Back in 2017, she posted a video of herself singing "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" on Instagram that had fans wondering if it had been edited or if the pitch had been changed to disguise her real voice.


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Dec 2, 2017 at 6:08pm PST

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Earlier that same year, Spears performed "Something To Talk About" on stage at her Las Vegas residency.

She can be heard using a voice that sounds much closer to the deeper voice also heard in the videos of her singing when she was younger.

Could this be Spears taking an opportunity to share what she really sounds like? She hasn't commented on the voice debate, so it's hard to say for sure.

Spears's speaking voice has changed also.

Changing a singing voice is one thing, but Spears's cryptic online videos also feature her speaking in a voice that is somewhat child-like.

This is a stark contrast from the voice we heard in old interview or in her recent court appearance. While it's difficult to say exactly why or if the change is deliberate, Spears's voice change could be taking cues from another 2000s pop culture icon.

Paris Hilton, who many will associate with her "airhead" voice, has spoken out about creating a character around herself as a defense mechanism to stop the world from judging the real her.

"This entire time, I have been playing a character, so the world has never really truly known who I am," she said recently, explaining why she doesn't use her real, deep voice.

Spears had a similar take when she told the court, "I've lied and told the whole world I'm OK and I'm happy. It's a lie."

"Fake it 'til you make it, but now I'm telling you the truth, OK?" she added. Could Spears be using a fake voice in order to deflect from years of pain and trauma exacerbated by her conservatorship?

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