Take Your Career To The Next Level With The Microsoft Excel Mastery Class Bundle

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These Microsoft Excel Courses On Advanced Formulas & Functions Will Take Your Career To The Next Level

You've probably interacted with Microsoft Excel at some point in your career, but many people may not realize the benefits that come from the leading spreadsheet platform. 

Brush up on the business world's preferred spreadsheet program — or maybe start your journey to a new career path — with Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions master classes — a comprehensive package that takes your Excel knowledge to another level.

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Better yet, the price dropped for a limited time to only $11.99 (regularly $195). 


Used by millions of people worldwide, Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for storing, sorting, and analyzing data for any type of business.

Excel is useful at home, too — whether you're keeping track of your own personal monthly expenses or making a guest list for an upcoming housewarming party, Excel spreadsheets will keep all your information organized.

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Led by certified Microsoft Excel Expert Chris Dutton, who has developed award-winning data analytics and visualization tools featured by Microsoft and the New York Times, this 6-hour Excel mastery course will teach you the best way to use each tool in order to filter, display and analyze data in the most organized and functional way.

Imagine you have data with thousands and thousands of rows. You can learn to insert a customized pivot table out of that data and create a summary table that is easy to read, visually impacting, and gets straight to the point.

Step by step examples and plenty of quizzes and assignments will help you take on the more advanced concepts and get you up to speed with the latest in Excel — paving the way to an organized data mine. 

While math may be your favorite subject, it's doubtful that you want to spend hours and hours calculating every expense by hand. Wouldn't it be easier if everything was done for you?

With access to over 90 lectures, you'll learn how to implement formulas into the software that not only make your life less complicated but also keep all your data organized and easy to find.

Ranging from basic to advanced, you'll soon be able to manipulate over 75 formulas and cater each one specifically to your needs. The ultimate goal is to design your own formula-based formatting tools that will streamline numbers in the most stress-free way.

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Did you know that certified Excel skills can increase your earning potential by 12%?

With Excel being such a versatile program widely used in many career fields (think retail manager, data journalist, project manager, and more), learning advanced Excel skills can help launch a new profession or further your current one

With lots of hands-on practice in pulling real-time data from APIs directly into Excel, manipulating arrays, and automating tedious analytic tasks using cell formulas, you'll have plenty of new skills to add to your toolkit — even spurring a career boost in the process. 

As reviewed by verified user Andrew M., Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions is "Easy to use and a lifetime course I can go back and refresh anytime. It's made easy to follow and the steps are easy to understand."

While a lifetime subscription to the Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions is regularly priced at $195 is currently price-dropped to only $11.99 for a limited time.

It's certainly a great opportunity to finally amp up your spreadsheet skills and advance your skills in the leading office software. 


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