4 Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024

We are stirring up cosmic energy and guiding it our way.

Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024 Michael Pearce from Getty Images, alvindovicto siluetstrip, ARTFX Design | Canva Pro

Saturday, July 6, 2024, brings us a Leo Moon conjunct Venus transit, and for four zodiac signs, the transformation may be stunning. According to astrology, we are walking into a period of prosperity and abundance ... who can say 'no' to that? Not only will we be saying a hearty and welcoming 'yes,' but we will also be figuring out how to make this prosperous period last and last.

There's a certain kind of wisdom that comes along with this transit, Leo Moon conjunct Venus. We're not just blindly receiving. We are stirring up the cosmic energy and guiding it our way. 


The four zodiac signs who are entering this period of prosperity will not be surprised at the good fortune coming our way. In fact, we expect it to be because we put in the effort to make it happen.

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When it comes to prosperity, it's these four zodiac signs who enter a new period of life on July 6, 2024.

1. Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024 acambium64 from Getty Images, Pri Patricio, anna-r


Bring it on, you say, as you start to feel as though the transit of Leo Moon conjunct Venus really is here to introduce you to this next very promising era in your life. You just know something good is about to come your way. On July 6, it's already starting to show. The good fortune is a good feeling, as well.

You're about to walk into your destiny, Taurus, and knowing you, you already can tell that this has something to do with money and abundance. You have been working hard for this to happen, and during the Leo Moon conjunct Venus, you feel as though it's your fate, and it is.

What's also so wonderful about this 'start date' is that it comes with love, as well. Whatever you're into, you've got good friends and romantic intentions going on. All of it feels very supportive and kind. You know this is going to work, whatever 'it' is, and as of Saturday, July 6, you can safely say that the period of prosperity is now 'in effect.'

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2. Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024 acambium64 from Getty Images, Pri Patricio, anna-r | Canva Pro

As someone who has never really trusted that things would go OK for yourself, you're starting to realize that you don't need to continue with that attitude. You've started to see that if you apply the Law of Attraction to your situations, you get what you want out of them. What a novel idea!

On Saturday, July 6, you will not only feel good about life and hope, but Leo Moon conjunct Venus will support you, which will open the doors for you to step into this new and luxurious lifestyle, where prosperity is 'just another day.' You are about to become very, very fortunate, Virgo, so strap on that seatbelt.


Where you used not to believe such good fortune could happen to you, you'll find that during the Leo Moon conjunct Venus, it's happening, and it's happening BIG TIME. So, that's all it takes? Just to believe that it can happen? Yes, Virgo, that's the biggie for the day. Just believe that prosperity and fortune can be yours, and it shall be.

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024 acambium64 from Getty Images, Pri Patricio, anna-r | Canva Pro


With the Leo Moon conjunct Venus taking place on this day, July 6, you're about ready to start laughing over the way your fate has just turned on a dime. You are super fortunate, as things could have gone the other way. You are also grateful as heck that you were able to intervene, with the help of the cosmos, of course.

It seems that whatever choice you just made is the very hinge upon which you've been able to enter a phase of abundance and good health. It doesn't stop there either, Scorpio, as the universe definitely looks like it's handing you a period of prosperity as well. The goodness is starting to snowball, and you are there for it!

So, when the stars show you the way to prosperity, who are you to say no to such a divine pathway? You are all about going with the flow because you see the goodness inherent in what's taking place right now in your life. You aren't fighting it this time. You are allowing it to find you, and you'll be pleased you did Scorpio.

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4. Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Signs Enter A Period Of Prosperity On July 6, 2024 acambium64 from Getty Images, Pri Patricio, anna-r | Canva Pro

The idea of prosperity is something that you are not only open to but prepared for Pisces. You have worked hard, and you like to think that there's an order to the universe, one that brings returns for the one who puts in the work. While life doesn't always feel 'fair,' the universe is most definitely 'fair,' as it provides us with prosperous eras. As of July 6, you will be walking into yours.

You feel as though this is the natural progression of things, which actually echoes in the universe as an affirmation. You affirm the idea that you are worth the universe's attention. During the transit of Leo Moon conjunct Venus, you receive an abundance of power in the form of money and love.


It's not too shabby, as human beings tend to really like both. You are very human and very open to the mysterious powers that be, which humble you and make you feel grateful to be alive. You are now walking into a very prosperous period in your life, my friend. It's great to be alive!

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