Hardships Come To An End For 3 Zodiac Signs On July 6, 2024

We are no longer content with 'being frustrated.'

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If July 6 is going to bring us relief, then we will see that relief show up for us in the form of removing an obstacle or ending a hardship. Astrology shows us that the Moon is presently in Leo, and for three zodiac signs, this will work on our courage and our ability to see something through, and that may just end up in a decision to let go of the dark so that we can make room for the light.

What we'll see taking place today is that we are no longer content with 'being frustrated.' Sure, that's a real experience, and we cannot deny it, but who wants to keep up with 'frustration' as a lifestyle? Not us. And we won't, not after this day. The Leo Moon shows us that we can end our hardships and that we will.


Because it's a Leo transit, these three zodiac signs can look forward to the end of frustration AND the beginning of a new outlook on life. When we say 'end,' we mean it on July 6. We're not returning to that hardship. Over, kaput. Bye-bye.

Hardships ending is a done deal for these three zodiac signs on July 6, 2024.

1. Aries

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You have worked very hard to overcome certain aspects of your life, and you've even seen how some of your hard work only seems to lead to more hard work, and you can't understand why you have such a fate. Well, now that July 6 is here, and with it comes the Leo Moon, you are able to piece it into place. There's a reason for all of it, it seems, Aries.

And as glib as it may sound, what you'll come to understand during the Leo Moon, is that you simply had to go through what you went through in order to be in the place where you are now. It's that simple, but on July 6, you get it. It no longer perplexes you, but it also does happen to feel 'complete.'

This is what you receive, and it feels as though the universe is telling you that you can finally relax as the hardships are really and truly 'over.' You may feel skittish about saying that 'out loud,' but those hardships really did have an expiration date, and it seems like that date is July 6, 2024.

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2. Leo

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Well, you certainly put in your pound of flesh, as they say, and round about now, you are ready to kiss the entire scheme goodbye. You are finished with whatever it is that took so long to get through, and it is official: the hardships are over, and it's time to howl your best howl at the Leo Moon above.

You feel good on Saturday, Leo. You feel like your powers are returning to you, and while we all know they never really left you, you can probably think of it in the way that you gave something your all. It depleted you utterly, and now, you are ready to move on. Those hardships are now done with, and you accept it, and that's a good thing.


So, you accept the idea that your hardships have come to an end. Oh, that's right; you're not fighting this one, Leo. You are ready to kick back and just start the good times again. You know that whatever you had to go through was just part of the journey, and all of it is fine, but you are just as grateful to see the end of the hard times that you are.

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3. Sagittarius

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Hardships come to an end for you, starting on Saturday, July 6, 2024, and all of this takes place because you have begun to see yourself as less the warrior and more the pacifist. While it's in the Sagittarius nature to stand tall and fight, it's also part of your nature to focus on peace, and the peace that ends the conflict in your heart is found within.

You have started to understand that the hardships you've endured have a shelf life of just so much time and that, during the Leo Moon, it's time to let it all go officially. You are no longer concerned with the drama and war of other people. If this is what they must have in their lives, then all you can do is step out of their way.

You are more interested in flowing with the universe, and this power allows you to know that you are the one in control of how complex the hardships are, in your life. By removing yourself from the drama, you remove yourself from the hardship. Your pain comes to an end because you have decided that is what is best for you.


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