4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The New Moon In Capricorn On January 11, 2024

A few zodiac signs will experience palpable effects from this new moon — here's why.

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The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th, 2024, paves the way for a few signs to rediscover themselves.

Cardinal signs will endure a profound transformation in their relationships as lessons from the Saturn in Capricorn transit from several years back return to allow cardinal placements to close these chapters. There is also the impact of the Nodes in the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra, shifting and allowing us all to learn how we view love and partnerships.


4 zodiac signs most affected by the new moon in Capricorn on January 11, 2024



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1. Capricorn

Having the new moon in your sign brings new opportunities and a fresh start, especially with Mars now in your sign giving you direction and guidance. The moon offers you an opportunity to understand what’s at the core of your relationship with yourself and others.


It is still Capricorn season, so you are still making plans and working hard to fulfill your goals. Nevertheless, while you fight to achieve more recognition and praise at the top, the new moon will have you reflecting within. Your personal growth will be analyzed during the next six months, as Pluto leaves your sign once more. The transformation you endure during this period will help you to connect more with yourself and purpose.

2. Aries

The past offers clues as you dive deep to pick up the pieces of your former self. The new moon will teach you about your worth and what you deem worthy of fighting for. New chapters are being written during this time, allowing you to find your voice and be more confident in your potential.

With the North Node in your sign, there is a deep transformation happening in your relationships which will also be highlighted, a reminder to feel empowered being you and not to settle for less in your relationships or career. Remember the inner power you have and awaken it.

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3. Cancer

The new moon is teaching you about the people you let in your life and what they have to offer you. If someone is not reciprocating the energy you give, the transit will make you more aware of it.

You are already enduring a potent transformation in your relationship house with Pluto in the final degrees, teaching you what you truly value and seek in a partnership. The new moon brings a new opportunity and purpose to how you define a relationship. The transit can also feel welcoming and expansive because you might feel more confident with the direction you are headed. 

4. Libra

Building and balancing will be core topics of this transit. While the South Node transforms you, the moon taps into your history so you can create and flourish in the present and future. Family ties and connections become stronger as you begin to uncover and learn more about your roots.

It is also a great time to initiate something new, especially with Mars in Capricorn, allowing the collective to pursue their dreams. You feel more aligned and in sync with your goals as you continue gaining knowledge and understanding of what you want for yourself in the future.


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