Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week From June 24 - 30, 2024

Determination paves the way for luck.

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The luckiest days for each zodac sign during the week of June 24 bring a dose of positivity and luck as there are opportunities for movement, decisions, and awakenings to your purpose. Mercury in Cancer will align with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26, helping to free you from those situations in which you felt stuck and give you better direction and determination as you move forward. As the energy builds, the Last Quarter Moon in Aries reminds you to be ruthless when it comes to making decisions while ensuring that you aren’t carrying anything into your future that you no longer need.


As Saturday, June 29 arrives, Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces, a time of divine tests when you will see whether you have completed all the task-master planet asked of you since the beginning of 2024. 

Saturn provides divine tests, but it also allows you to understand how all these seemingly random events or ideas can connect to the life that you had dreamed of. During Saturn retrograde, you can actually become more focused on your inner world as you move more behind the scenes, doing whatever it takes to achieve success.


There is still some hope, though, for unexpected turnarounds as Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, June 30. Mercury brings news, offers, and opportunities — but with Uranus in the mix, you may receive a surprise from the universe. This will not only test your determination but your readiness as well. The more determined you become, the greater the universe can work on your behalf. 

So be open to situations developing more rapidly than you had planned for and some lucky help from the divine, but no matter what happens, remember determination is what creates the opportunity for luck.

Luckiest day of the week of June 24 - 30, 2024 for each zodiac sign:

Aries: Sunday, June 30

Lucky theme: Receiving what you deserve

Even if matters have felt challenging recently, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lucky gift from the universe in store for you. You’ve been excelling at stepping up and doing what in your heart you know is right, even if it may have been hard. This has elicited a new vibration of knowing precisely what you are worth, which has attracted the universe's attention. 


As Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, June 30, a financial karmic reward will be yours for your past actions and choices. While this could be the result of any previous work you’ve done, it may also specifically surround real estate. So, whether you are selling, refinancing, or getting a payout of some sort, it’s time to enjoy the rewards of all of your efforts, Aries.

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Taurus: Friday, June 28

Lucky theme: Letting the past go

When you choose to let the past go, dear Taurus, you also signal to the universe that you are ready for newness. Releasing matters of the past, though, isn’t only about moving ahead or making new decisions, but mentally and emotionally being in the position to have space to focus on new opportunities and adventures. 


As the Last Quarter Moon rises in Aries on Friday, June 28, let yourself let go of the hurt, the struggle, and any what-ifs that you may still have swirling around your mind. Realize that everything needed to happen precisely in the way it did to bring you to this moment. Now that you have arrived, fighting the past will no longer serve you. Choose to let go and set an intention for the new so that you can start seeing just how many opportunities currently surround you.

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Gemini: Wednesday, June 26

Lucky theme: Forward momentum

It’s time to realize that there really isn’t anything holding you back any longer from what you want to pursue in your life. Part of this is trusting that you have made it through the worst, but the other is that you have to trust yourself. When you can trust yourself to make new choices and get to work creating the professional and financial success you want, even if it’s in small steps, you help build your confidence to keep continuing.


On Wednesday, June 26, Mercury in Cancer aligns with Saturn in Pisces, helping you feel as if you are making the forward momentum you’ve been craving. Not only will this help you trust yourself more, but you may also receive a financial bonus through your career or the opportunity to make more money. Let this serve as confirmation that you are finally on the right path!

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Cancer: Friday, June 28

Lucky theme: Career decisions

You can’t put off making an important decision in your professional life any longer. While it has been the right decision to proceed slowly, taking your time building the success you want, you now are reaching a pivotal moment in your career — and what you choose next will make all the difference. 


As the Last Quarter Moon rises in Aries on Friday, June 28, you will reach a critical point of decision where you will have to choose whether to carry on your current path — or make the choice to begin a brand-new one. Make sure that you remember what you’re worth and allow yourself to take greater risks. The safest option isn’t always the most lucrative or best one for you, so try to stretch yourself into newness so that you make the choice that will lead to greater luck.

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Leo: Friday, June 28

Lucky theme: Making room for the new

Let yourself become fearless once again in the pursuit of what excites your soul, dear Leo. As much as you’ve been trying to be more grounded in your decisions and focus on building a foundation for abundance and success, it’s now time to let yourself take off in an exciting new direction. Reflect on the career, education, or travel dreams you’ve had as the Last Quarter Moon occurs in Aries, activating your house of luck. What you seek is out there, and it is trying to make its way to you, but you have to remember who you are and your unique purpose in this lifetime. 


Everything is about balance, and while you’ve had to do the work to set yourself up for success, now it’s about removing those blocks that have kept you from being your bold and courageous self. Choose not just to make room for the new but to move towards what brings excitement back into your life.

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Virgo: Sunday, June 30

Lucky theme: Expanding into your dreams

Your energy is like those famous Beatles lyrics, Virgo: You get by with a little help from your friends. In this case, it’s not just that you’re only getting by but that your friends are helping you reach for the stars. Embrace the people in your life who care about you and want to support you. No matter how it might have seemed in the past, you aren’t in this all alone — but you do have to start opening up and ask for help. 


On Sunday, June 30, as Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus, it’s time to reach out to your friends, share your dreams, and ask for what you know can make all the difference. If it’s a matter of networking or helping to figure out what direction you should go, choose to open up to those who truly want nothing but the best for you — because, in this case, your friends provide the luck you need.

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Libra: Wednesday, June 26

Lucky theme: Working smarter, not harder

As much as you have begun a new era of focusing on yourself, releasing the people-pleasing tendencies, and investing more in your dreams, you also have to realize that the goal is to work smarter, not harder. This means that while you should still dedicate yourself to your dreams, you also need to make sure you are living a balanced life. 


While dreams only work if you do, you also need to embrace sacred times of rest, fun evenings with friends, sleep, and time to focus on your self-care. Mercury in Cancer will align with Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26, helping you restore and understand how essential this aspect of self-care is — and how, by leaning into it, you can actually make greater progress. It’s a lot harder to keep up the pace of manifestation if you’re not giving yourself time to enjoy all you’ve already created. Realize that when you work smarter, you also feel more abundant.

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Scorpio: Friday, June 28

Lucky theme: Releasing the struggle

No rule says success means you must struggle, dear Scorpio. You don’t need to endlessly work, feel ill, or lack the kind of personal life you desire. What you experience in your life often comes down to what your perceptions are. If you perceive or endlessly worry about having to struggle, then that is what you will likely call into your life. When you realize that you can enjoy the process of transformation, still giving yourself what you need without living in fear, then you step into alignment with divine abundance. 


As the Last Quarter Moon in Aries rises, it's time to release your struggle. Let go of your fears by affirming your gifts, efforts, and all you have already succeeded in. Focus on your breath and let yourself genuinely believe that struggle is only a thing of the past — because what the future has in store for you will be totally and completely brand-new and incredibly abundant.

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Sagittarius: Saturday, June 29

Lucky theme: Knowing what you want

When you know what you want in your soul, you become an unstoppable force. You dedicate yourself to your pursuits and are able to problem solve, making anything you go through a valuable experience. But, as you grow, learn, and change, what you want can sometimes shift. This is why you need to give yourself time to figure out what you actually want for yourself, your success, and your life. 


You need to make sure you’re investing your energy into what you feel is meant for you rather than infusing it into something that no longer resonates. Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29, giving you time to take a divine pause. You’re not losing momentum or stalling your success. Instead, you are simply being given a chance to make sure you are moving in the right direction — because once you are, it’s nothing but divine blessings.

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Capricorn: Saturday, June 29

Lucky theme: Focusing on the inner work


Your outer world will always be a reflection of the inner world that you have created. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid or feel stuck in making a decision, but you should pay attention to whether the life events you notice are actually a result of your inner process. Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29, bringing you a divine moment when you can make the changes you’ve been seeking — but they first begin within you. 

Reflect on your level of determination and commitment, but also on how transparent and thorough you are when making plans, sharing your reasons, and being able to pivot if events don’t do as you’d hoped. This is a chance to become more flexible and learn how to communicate better so you can tap into the resources of what it feels like when your dreams start working for you. Take your time here, but also know when to act, as you may need to shift some plans to allow more room for divine luck.

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Aquarius: Wednesday, June 26

Lucky theme: Wealth


You have success written all over your destiny — you just need to learn how to see that for yourself. By embracing your divine purpose for success, wealth, abundance, and unrivaled joy, you will naturally move differently and be better able to protect yourself from what's not meant for you. 

On Wednesday, June 26, Mercury in Cancer aligns with Saturn in Pisces, creating a time to remember, listen to your inner voice, and receive a gift of wealth. This divine reward isn’t about you sacrificing yourself or the best parts of life, but instead, honoring what is most important to you. Take time for yourself, and don’t be afraid to put in for that vacation or turn down a new project. Yes, you enjoy your work and want to feel fulfilled by what you do, but you also want to live your life in the most expansive and incredible ways. When you can set the boundaries necessary so you can enjoy both, then that is also more of what you attract, Aquarius.

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Pisces: Friday, June 28

Lucky theme: Taking a leap of faith


It is safe to take a leap of faith, dear Pisces. Trust that you are ready for this next step and declare to the universe not only what your intentions are but also what you know you are meant for in this lifetime. You can often have a love-hate relationship with money, at least early on in life, as that spiritual side of you wonders if there’s any point in it. That was then, and this is now. The Last Quarter Moon in Aries will occur on Friday, June 28, reminding you there is no point in waiting for the perfect moment when right now feels like the moment when everything could change. You now understand the exchange of energy and how deeply your self-worth figures in the wealth and fame that you attract. So, take a chance, believe in yourself, and put yourself out in the world so that you can finally attract all that is meant for you!

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