What The Universe Will Provide For Each Zodiac Sign Between June 10 - 16, 2024

Open your heart to what the universe is trying to tell you.

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We are experiencing a metamorphosis during this Gemini season, something the transits during the week of June 10-16, 2024, make all the more apparent for each zodiac sign. 

The Moon in Leo on June 10th will make a sextile to Mercury and oppose Pluto, allowing us to use communication to help us express and be true to ourselves. The Moon in Virgo later in the week will oppose Saturn, creating conflict but helping us be more patient when handling obstacles. Finally, the Moon in Libra opens our hearts to move changes with the Moon aspecting Pluto again, this time in a trine. 


Journaling this week can allow us to connect with the ongoing theme of power and self-expression.

What the universe provides for each zodiac sign the week of June 10 to 16, 2024: 

Aries: Trust

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Something on your mind this week may be tied to how productive and structured your plans may be for the next several months. To see the progress you desire, you must be honest with your accomplishments thus far. Be open to making changes and switching things up if they aren’t working for you. Gemini season has you developing some confidence with your responsibilities and being mindful of deadlines.

Journaling prompt: Discuss the moments when you were able to multitask. What lessons from them could you apply now? Are you leaving responsibilities for the last minute? 

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Taurus: Time

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Making things happen this week comes a lot easier as you reflect on how to manage your day-to-day. Take the time needed to be there for yourself and see what new areas you would like to expand on. The focus is also on balancing to keep sight of where you desire to be. Friends can serve as fuel for recharging and inspiration.

Journaling prompt: Are you going at a desired pace? Are you giving yourself grace? How have your friends inspired you along your journey?

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Gemini: Road maps

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This week is a pleasant period where you will want to see how your chosen path continues to elevate you for the next several months. The week lets you tap into your imagination and believe in your accomplishments. With Mars in Taurus, you will have the patience to take on the roles and responsibilities that will aid your advancement. Do not be afraid to dream big this week because you are tapping into the right energy. 

Journaling prompt: How patient have you been with yourself during the last several weeks? Have you started to look within and find what motivates you?

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Cancer: Joy

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Connect with the people who make you happy this week to feel much more courageous. Gemini season wants you to find what fills you with joy and pursue it. This is an excellent week to breathe new life into an old project with the Moon in visionary Leo. The season may make you feel like you need time to recharge, so it could be a good time to research new things that can inspire you when your season begins.

Journaling prompt: What do you envision for yourself in the next month? Have you taken any creative risks lately? What have you learned from your last big project?

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Leo: Versatility

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This is a period where you will be much more focused on honoring yourself, your success, and the dreams you may have neglected. The Moon in your sign allows you to tap into who you want to be through its message of empowerment. It is also a period where looking at patterns carefully will enable you to stay ahead with the Moon in Virgo, bringing clarity to you this week. 

Journaling prompt: Have you allowed yourself a moment in the spotlight this Gemini season? List your goals for the next six months. Discuss your steps for this process.

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Virgo: Forgiveness

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You experience new beginnings with the Moon in your sign in the middle of this week and Mars in Taurus making a trine to your sign. But before that, you are prompted to look after your needs and to relax, especially if you feel overworked. This is the time to engage more with your dreams and the past to move more confidently in the present. You can feel more open to reconciling with the past or with people you are no longer friends. 

Journaling prompt: How are you creating structure in your life? Are you aligned with your path now that Mars in Taurus is here to push you?

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Libra: Inspiration

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Everyone is noticing your charisma and intellect during this Gemini season, a triumphant period where you may feel like an adventurer, especially with the Moon in Leo early in the week helping you ponder and think beyond the basics. You will be the leader for friends or colleagues, guiding them with your diplomacy and patience. People around you may feel empowered by your words and actions. 

Journaling prompt: Discuss the fruitful friendships that have helped to empower and lead you forward. How will you be there for those who need you during this week?

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Scorpio: Productivity

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The transits this week prime you for success, and you plan to continue thriving during this Gemini season. The Moon in Leo shows how passionate you may feel about a goal and getting to where you desire. It can also make you reflect on your home environment. The Moon in Virgo will meet up with Mars in Taurus to make your relationships much more exciting. Expect to meet some interesting people.

Journaling Prompt: Do you feel pride in your accomplishments over the last several years? Are you feeling confident about your potential? Discuss the moments you have allowed yourself to shine.

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Sagittarius: Patience

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The theme of this week’s energy includes making a vow to yourself. You are here to take on the world with self-assurance and more optimism. Learning to be a lot more diplomatic during this time can allow you to preserve those friendships and to be in a position to attract more peaceful encounters. Patience may teach you more about maturity. Listen to others and be open to compromise.

Journaling prompt: As Mars officially settled in Taurus, have you noticed any changes in your dynamics with friends or colleagues? Discuss how you will be more patient and understanding with people around you.

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Capricorn: Success

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Wearing your armor this week will feel more manageable with Mars in Taurus giving you the determination to claim your success. But before you charge ahead, try to win others over and be more discerning about the battles you choose. Nevertheless, you will still fly on your way to the top. Just make sure to keep the peace and be a tactician. The focus during this time could be on improvement, learning, and working well with others to build on your dreams and continue to make them flourish.

Journaling prompt: How will you improve your communication skills this week? Discuss your strategies to win over others.

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Aquarius: Self-Love

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Balancing relationships comes easier this week, with the Moon in Leo bringing new opportunities to elevate existing or potential connections. You are developing a new relationship with yourself that will allow you to thrive in many vital areas of your life. Gemini season can allow you to meet new people and feel more romantic but also discover how to build a good relationship with yourself.

Journaling prompt: How are you showing yourself love and care this week? What have relationships taught you about love? Discuss how love has revolutionized you.


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Pisces: Introspection

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You are navigating through these beautiful Mercurial territories before we enter Cancer season. This week, the Moon will be in Leo, enhancing your creativity and need for connection. It will also be a good time to rediscover yourself before the Moon in Libra has you entering the darker parts of your chart, pushing you to navigate your emotions in unfamiliar waters. The perfect opportunity to continue your evolution.


Journaling Prompt: Discuss the moments when you felt powerful. How has Gemini season pushed you to find the warrior in you?

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